Interview with Eddie Izzard
From Time Team Big Dig

Eddie Izzard has been a fan of Time Team for years: 'I've seen them all you know.' he says with a flourish, 'I've seen every one of them, some of them twice and some of them that I haven't even seen yet, which is strange. I just love it. I watch it twice a day when I can.' Within moments of arriving on site Eddie was stuck into the archaeology: 'I don't want to stand around, give me some tools!' Soon he was wielding a mattock like a true professional. 'I'm looking for gold and swords and a wheel off a chariot. That's probably really going to annoy archaeologists. Actually digging is hard. I've been digging a big hole which could be a badgers Jacuzzi because there are badgers you know. The small stuff like digging with a trowel is much more delicate.' Whereas most people wish the usual three day format of Time Team was longer, Eddie's favourite part of the programme is the speed that it's done at: 'I just love speed archaeology, that's the way it should be done. I remember an Agatha Christy book that my brother said 'Ah-ha, you'll never guess the ending' so I just looked at the last page. Of course I realise that you can't just go crashing through, but wouldn't it be great to just do a borehole down to 200 feet and find a sword.' At that moment Eddie's mobile phone beeped. 'Ah, that's my Time Team SMS update. I don't want to miss a thing. These are great fun. I have my own. I text people when I watch the game at Yankie Stadium and they can see what I type. Brilliant.'