This was my first time seeing him live, but for my part, I have never laughed so hard in my life. My face was aching the entire time from entirely too much smiling and laughing. His material was really great...

-He started off saying that some material would be new, some would not, some of it might be funny, and other parts might just be shit. Great way to start!

-He did a bit about sharks. It had a similar feel to some of the shark material he did in Circle, but was all new.

-A bit about spiders and how they have two speeds, one that's sort of a creeping speed and the other where they are going really fast and attacking you. Also talked about how spiders creep up on you while your watching telly, and about how women always send the men to kill spiders but men are just as terrified of spiders as women are.

-He went over a lot of old material including The Death Star Canteen, Bee's and pollen ("Brian where's the pollen?"), The monkey sign language bit only he tweaked it a bit to be a conversation between a monkey and a spider.

-We all did a sing along with him from the Disney movie The Jungle Book which was a lot of fun and very amusing.

-He did a big bit on how after 9/11 he went out and bought the Koran and was thinking of reading it on the plane while he was traveling until he realized how that might look and thought better of it. And there was a ton more I'm not going over.

But it was all very funny and his performance was really great. He seemed to really enjoy performing and seemed to be having as much fun as the audience.


My sister and I drove down all through the night on Tuesday night. We parked at the mall a block from the theatre, trotted around and went to see a movie to kill time, as we were there at Noon. The day just dragged!!! As time got nearer my sister and I changed, put on our makeup and then went to dinner at a place called Absolutely PHObulous, which is a Vietnamese restaurant a couple of doors down from the theatre. Great Food!

My sis and I went to the theatre massively early because I was on this kick to be first in line. People were coming to see if there was any chance to score tickets. Other people were begging all of us in line for ours!! Anyway I was standing there in line and people lined up behind me. I met some really cool people. One guy in line was asking us where we came from to see the show, what our favorite eddie show was, etc. He told me I deserved to be first in line for coming all that way! 11 hour Drive one way.

So I get my tickets and we all funnel into the upstairs theatre, which is pretty dang small (you can't have bad seats, there were only 99 and it didn't even seem like THAT many). I was in the front row. I sat there and looked at the Mic before he came in thinking, "no way am I actually here...". Then out he came! He was blokey and beautiful of course. And man do those eyes jump out at you in person! He had some new material mixed in with some classic material (a lot from Circle). Mainly he was on a kick about how sharks are Evil. Hilarious stuff! It lasted a little over an hour and then poof, he was gone. A lot of people left right away, a lot stayed and waited around in the courtyard. I stayed... I knew not to EXPECT to meet Eddie, but I wanted to something fierce!

Then I was told Eddie would not be greeting fans because this was a "test audience situation and not an actual tour". Hmm ok. Why that makes a difference I guess I just can't figure out. So, my heart was just a little bit broken, and I sat in the courtyard and IMed Gesche and Cabana and told them how deeply upset I was. I came all that way for an hour show, and just wanted to say a quick hello.

Eddie came down for a matter of seconds to grab friends and he went back up above the theatre to party with them. That was it. I wasn't even close when he did that. The stage manager told me he wouldn't be coming down and to go ahead and go.

I brought my D2K book and my D2K DVD, in hopes he would have signed them. So there I stood, amongst an ever-dwindling crowd and thought, "time to go home now..." When we had been in line prior to the show talking to that guy who wanted to know so much about how big of fans of Eddie's we were, we were talking to an acquaintence of Eddie's without knowing it (because he never made mention of it). A girl we met in line was with us and she saw how upset I was, so she just walked right up to the gate to the theatre, pushed it open and headed for the stairs. The guy we had chatted with in line came down and she told him how I only wanted a moment of his time and if someone would just ask eddie, she was sure he wouldn't mind coming down to greet the only 4 people left hanging around.

The guy came over to me and saw that I had my book and DVD. He asked if I would like Eddie to sign them, I said yes and handedthem off along with a silver sharpie. 10 Minutes later, expecting the guy to come down with my things and send me on my way, that didn't happen.....

EDDIE came down with my things! He just came down the stairs and said, "Are these yours?" with a grin on his face. I stood there stunned and just said, "yes". He asked my name, signed them both "To April, Love from Eddie x". I asked for a picture and he obliged (it came out fuzzy damnit!!!!!) Then I said, "I hear you give the best hugs..." He looked at me sort of coyly and said, "Are you asking me for a hug?" I said, "Yes if that would be alright." He motioned to me and said, "Come here" with a grin and I got my hug. I wished him a great evening, and he wished me the same. We got in our car and came home... I just got back and came right to you all to tell you my story!

Here I was thinking Eddie was going to sign my things, send them back down with his friend and off I would go. But he came down for me, and I am entirely grateful.

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