This being the London Film Festival, the film was preceeded not by trailers, but by a very weird piece to do with eating someone else's biscuits.  The film itself was very good. I like action films so this one would have appealed to me just on the running around with guns front, but thankfully, there was a lot more to the film. The plot was like navigating in London by asking directions - it twisted, guided you in a particular direction, then another, then you find yourself somewhere you
really weren't expecting.

Sound was used to very good effect, most notably, loud mumblings in a busy bar, which you couldn't discern a word of, and which provided a wonderful sense of isolation and paranoia, and a particular piece of almost silence used as highlighting. Another thing which I liked was the way the "flashback" and "character's thoughts" scenes were at times interspersed without cutting away from the dialogue (the conversations carried on regardless of what the picture was doing) while at others they took over with no warning.

Course, I don't suppose you want to know about that, you want to know about Eddie. Having seen him be someone else so well in Lenny, I was quite surprised how much like the Eddie we see his character came across. Apart from being a sarky bastard, and having a really bad moustache and no dress sense, obviously. He talks like Eddie, he *walks* like Eddie (which, if you saw Lenny, you'll know he didn't) I think, however,
for Eddie's fans, though, that it will actually make this film work even better, as you immediately like the character. If you have the chance to see this film, do so - whether you see it because it's got Eddie in it, because you're a film nut, because you like films where people run about with guns, or because you like things with twisted plots.

If you want any more information about the contents of the film, then , but I'm not going to give out spoilers on the boards.

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