I must admit I didn't know what to expect. I figured he would do a rehash of his old stuff and he did. But he was so alive and really on top of his game. It looked like he was really enjoying himself - very relaxed and groovy. It was well worth the trip. The pics and autographs were a bonus. He was very obliging and charming - as usual. His "people" were anxious to whisk him away but he took the time to make sure we all got our autographs and pics.

We were happy enough with the one night but when we found out that he would be appearing on the Greg Proops Chat Show, we were over the moon. We were able to get tickets and it was general seating so those that got there early enough were front row centre but it really didn't matter where you sat - the venue was small enough so everyone had a good view. Talk about playing around and off the cuff. As it wasn't really a "chat" show Greg didn't have a list of questions to ask - it was mostly ad lib. Eddie and Greg started playing around with the chairs - doing silly routines with them. Greg had a large stuffed red lobster as a prop and Eddie was playing with it like a puppet.

I should mention that Judy Gold was the first guest so she was leaving as Eddie came on but he asked her stay so both of them were with Greg for the balance of the show. It was a great show. Totally off the wall. I remember that Greg said he kept hearing squeaking from the speaker or the ceiling...he couldn't figure it out. Then we could hear it too. Eddie said it was a mouse pushing a cart along the ceiling rafters....of course you had to be there to appreciate the scenario. There was lots of nonsense like that but great fun.

There were cameras around but we weren't sure if they were taping the show. If they did, I'd like to get my hands on a copy. Anyway, that was our excitement.

So that's my slant on the two glorious Eddie evenings. I can't complain even though his show was more or less the same stuff - Darth Vadar in the cafeteria;the stun gun variances;bees with pollen;spiders, wasps - no cats or dogs this time;the queen (of course). A piece of paper or something fell down and he tried to make a mini airplane but it didn't fly;he talked about getting his pilot's license - so many things..can't remember it all. It will come back to me bit by bit over the next few days.


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