....and now for something completely different...

The Monty Python Reunion at the
Aspen Comedy Fest with a special appearance by...

Bob: And now, ladies and gentleman, the almost full Monty.

Standing ovation as they walk out on to the stage and sit, from left to right, in this order: Eric, Terry J., Terry G., Eddie, John, Michael. Robert Klein sits on the far left.

Bob: It's wonderful to have you all here, and of course some of them may know but basically, how did the group get together?

They all begin talking at the same time until one voice stands out.

Eddie: I think I met John first. I met - I was on a train and I met John, and Mike was collecting the tickets, I think you were, and Terry and Eric were doing a bank robbery down here, it was the sort of Great Train Robbery time...

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Michael: Who are you?

Eddie: My name is Eddie Izzard.

Michael: He's not in the group!

They all stand up and begin to escort him off the stage as he screams his protests in the form of Python lines.

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Eddie: Who'd have thought, thirty year ago, we'd all be sitting around drinking Chateau de Chassily ...

Michael: Get off, get your own jokes ...

They continue to push him off.

Eddie: Wait, I can do you! Strange women lying in ponds...!!!

Mike throws a tomato at him. He is by now off the stage and the others sit back down.

Eric: We're off!

Bob: I'm so sorry, the security around here is...

Pause until the laughter and commotion die down.

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