'Q&A with Eddie Izzard'

Eddie answers a few readers' questions.

NOW Magazine | thanks Vicky

What's the weirdest situation you've been in recently? Adam Cuft, Crewe

I was filming Ocean's Twelve and can you believe I was playing poker on the roof of a Rome hotel with Elliot Gould, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Michael Douglas!

I have trouble walking in high heels on cobblestones. Can you give me any tips? Nathalie van Meurs, Brighton

Yeah, don't walk on cobblestones! I went back to my old school once wearing heels and a skirt - it's not done really, but I was trying to work the casual look. Anyway, I was stood on my tiptoes on a grassy school field and found myself discussing how to avoid cobblestones or grass when wearing high heels.

How does it feel to be a famous film star these days? Stan Baxter, Coventry

You know what, it feels great. I got to play Charlie Chaplin in my new DVD The Cat's Meow, which was amazing, and I've got five other new films out in the next few months.

What did you think of Nadia winning Big Brother 5? Michelle Smith, Swindon

Well, I know she came on the show as a transsexual and the way the British public took to her was a really good thing. As regards transvestism, I think we kind of move a bit forward and then a little bit backwards in this country.

If you could have any super-power, what would it be? Melanie Hunter, Durham

The ability to change sex at whim.

What's your favourite brand of make-up? Leanne MacKnight, Bradford

MAC, although I would say that because it sponsors me! I was using it before MAC decided to sponsor me - its lipsticks last longer than anyone else's - but I guess it's a nice tie-up.

Do you think the world will ever shed its robes of judgmental ignorance and intolerance and instead clothe itself in the apparel of acceptance? Donna Garvey, Iowa, USA

Well, I'm probably the completely wrong person to ask because I haven't got a naturally good visual thing going on. To be honest, I'm just working the 'bloke wearing skirts' look half the time. I believe in equal clothing rights.

Would YOU ever consider Cosmetic surgery? Maria Karczewski, Edinburgh

I have considered boobs from time to time, but I'd probably never go there. If I did I'd go to a DD, but a D is probably better. I kinda like Jordan's look, but l'm not sure it would work on me.

If you and I went clothes shopping together, where would you take me? Gina Kyriacou, Couisdon

A big department store like Selfridges - I've just started using its personal shopper service. I'm a very good speed shopper if I've got just one hour.

Who's your ideal woman? Ancasta Cotton, Leicester

I think Kim Cattrall is very sexy and I love her in those TV adverts for tea. She's only 22 these days, you know!

What happened to the brown calf you bought on your TV show Mongrel Nation? Petra Ecciestone, Fife

I left the calf with his mother.I was trying to buy a bigcow, but the farmer couldn't understand a word I was saying because I spoke in olde English and he dabbled on in the Dutch dialect of Fries.

Would you ever go on a reality TV show? Drew Robinson, Cape Town, South Africa

I don't think they're quite for me, but I heard a lot about The Farm and I do love farm animals. I'm not a fan of reality TV shows because once you start watching them they do tend to suck you in.

Do you ever find yourself behaving in a stereotypical macho way? Madison DeNiro, Vancouver, Canada

When I'm wearing heels I'll occasionally hit passers-by, but I never do anything too macho like farting. Not even after a curry. Instead, I employ a ninja discipline.

Have you ever thought about getting married and having kids? Ryanna Sawyer, Phoenix, USA

Yeah, kids by the time I'm 50. I'd like 93 of them in all three sexes. As for marriage, I'll leave it as a maybe.

As an action transvestite, who would you most like to punch? Melanie Hunter, Durham

Someone has to hit me first because I'm not very good at finding someone to be aggressive with. That's why I used to play board games. I'd go round in circles until someone attacked me and then I'd attack and attack until they were dead. The last time I had a fight I was in Cambridge, which resulted in a famous court case about eight years ago.

If you could spend the day with one of your heroes, dead or alive, who would it be? Michael Gingell, Great Yarmouth

I want to meet Nelson Mandela. I've had invitations in the past to perform live in South Africa, but I was waiting for him to come out of prison. Now I guess I'd need someone to make him aware of who I am because I doubt he even knows I exist.

At home, do you wear high heels? Ashley Summers, Manchester

Not really. Only when I'm about to go out on the town do I put them on, although I've been on the tube here and the subway in America wearing high heels and a skirt.

How old were you wnen you first wore women's clothes? Mandy Green, London

I knew I was a transvestite when I was four years old and I first bought female clothes when I was about 16.

What bra size are you? Rachel, York

38 D-cup.

Do you have any pet hates? Andrew, Norfolk

I think a partial smoking ban like they have in America would be a good idea. I also think the cigarette companies should be sued for every penny because they've known since the 50s that smoking causes cancer.

Who would you most like to get drunk with? Lily, Los Angeles, USA

Nelson Mandela on the beach with a bottle of tequila.

Have you ever been in love? Heather Marie John, Indianapolis, USA

Yes, thank you very much.