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Below is a followup to the Open Letter posted here back in the Fall of 1999 (oh, sooo long ago)...

An Open Thank You Note to Eddie Izzard

Hello, Eddie. My name is Sukie and I'm the one who wrote the Open Letter back in November — the gist of which was, we eager Americans would be thrilled at the opportunity to see your live show, even if it were "The Same Old Shit Tour." I'm delighted to tell you that I received tons of e-mails echoing my sentiments.

Now it's time for an Open Thank You Note. You've announced that you are coming back to North America with the Circle tour — and we are elated! PC's and IMac's are humming all over the continent as Ticketmaster's website is inundated, and affordable airfares are investigated. People from Michigan are flying to Massachusetts, Georgians are descending on Manhattan and
Californians are suddenly contemplating visits to long-lost relatives in Philadelphia. Shows are selling out everywhere. It's difficult for me to describe just how excited these fans are. Fingers are crossed all over the country that you will add dates in cities such as Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans — where you have standing "stand-up" invitations.

Cake or Death Webmaster Lyn Nierva will be at the Westbeth on April 7th — along with 299 other ecstatic people. As a "left coaster," I'm planning on L.A. Thank you, from all of us at all the shows. I just have one question: How in the world are we going to wait two or three whole months?

Thanks for everything, Eddie!

How excited are you? What are your plans for seeing Eddie? What lengths are you going to? Post your plans and other thoughts here  and we'll share the fun. To contact Sukie directly, you can e-mail her at


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