Double Emmy Award winning EDDIE IZZARD is a rarity: a world-beating stand-up who is also an acclaimed straight theatre performer and an emerging big screen actor. He is also a supporter of the Euro. A very busy year is now taking shape for the multi-skilled performer.

He's currently enjoying great USA reviews for his portrayal of CHAPLIN in PETER BOGDANOVITCH'S film "THE CATS MEOW"
including: Rolling Stone, "Izzard.makes a riveting, dangerous, egotist of Chaplin," and The New York Times, " his depiction of the Little Tramp off screen offers an incisive picture of Chaplin's charm and irresponsibility." The same, if not
more fervent, accolades can be found on the must-read film industry websites such as ain'titcoolnews.com, where Harry Knowles declared, "Eddie Izzard is a total genius in the role of Chaplin.  Brilliant. Absolutely captivating...Perfect," while
reel.com concurred, "Izzard is a charismatic and comedic delight as the carnally inclined Chaplin."

His recent appearance in the West End run of PETER NICHOLS, "A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG" was hailed as: " A revelation" by The Mail and in the eyes of Daily Telegraph reviewer Charles Spencer "Izzard puts me in mind of Olivier's Archie Rice in The Entertainer."

Now IZZARD has been cast along side JULIETTE LEWIS, VINCENT CASSEL,  COLM MEANY and MICHAEL MADSON to star in JAN KOUNEN'S film "BLUEBERRY"  - a screen version of the spaghetti western graphic novel series by MOEBIUS.

IZZARD is taking on the role of "Prosit," a German villain on a persistent mission to find pots of gold in the Superstition
Mountains in this mystical western tale produced by La Petite Reine  and A.J.O.Z. Films of France.

MR IZZARD says: "As an Action Transvestite this covers the action
part of my psyche very well"

Filming will take him to Mexico, Spain and France.
After such a hectic year, EDDIE's opted for a restful sabbatical in 2003 in the shape of a XX-date world-wide stand- up tour during  which he will perform in French, German and whatever other language
he is able to master in between takes.which may include English.