Eddie looked very sexy, just for the record. My favourite look: minimal make-up, quite manly in leather (except the ever-present high heels of course) and the blond spiky hair. Zoe Ball interviewed him and these were the main topics they covered:

HAIR - he said it wasn't black for Lenny, it was dark brown, he's too pasty for black and would look Goth. Ran his hands through his hair a bit which made me go wobbly...

LENNY - Zoe asked how it was and he said very tiring but good. He mentioned that he ad-libbed with some of his stand up and some of Lenny's stand up and the audience could tell the difference between the two (of course we can!)

US LENNY - said HE wants to take it to Broadway but he'll have to wait and see.

MYSTERY MEN - showed a cool clip and he said it was cool - he plays a bad guy cause English people always play the bad guys...

AUDITIONS - Zoe brought up the fact that Eddie had been for an audition for a film with Robert de Niro but messed it up (as he said he's crap at auditions) but he said it doesn't matter as he's in a film with John Malkovich (Shadow of a Vampire??) He said he's the 'Estate Agent' type person.

FILMS - says it's difficult to get serious roles as everyone ways "hey, you're TV and a comedian, why don't you play a TV comedian in this film?" and he's like "noooo!" as he wants to do other stuff.

STOOPID BIT - it was time for that annoying little girl to ask her scripted 'rude' question, which was "Aren't you a bit wierd?" to which Eddie repiled "No, I'm very boring" and went on to say that he tries to make himself seem wierd to be interesting, but is in fact a boring man.

After the break, Jamie Theakston said he's got an e-mail question from someone in Bicester (pronounced Bis-ter for the benefit of non-UK's) and Zoe Ball made a prick of herself saying that it's pronounced Bi-cess-ter. Anyway, the e-mail said "GET OFF!.... is this the first time that you've been electronically heckled?" and Eddie said, quick as a flash "Yes, and it's very good" and went on to praise the style, word-choice etc of the heckler.

- Zoe asked if he gets a lot of hecklers and asked how he deals with them, and he said you have to say the first thing that comes into your head, so if someone says "You smell!" you reply "No I don't..... you do!" or something equally quickly.

Eddie was invloved with the rest of the crappy programme (painful to watch as it really is a very bad show) and was obliging and smiley. He had to leave in the next Ad break but there was a 'virtual Eddie' which was a screen on the sofa next to the other guests, with a filmed clip of Eddie on it. Quite cool, and it showed Eddie zooming off on the back of a bike to Brixton Academy.