'Eddie Izzard: On being a man' (from Rant magazine...thanks Jamie)

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You're walking down the street minding your own business when suddenly a wolf drives past in a mini metro, a cat on the wall is complaining about  laundry and there are two suspicious looking horses in a field with guns hidden down their socks.

Welcome to the world of Eddie Izzard. A world that is full of PVC trousers  and high heeled Gucci sandals.

Eddie is a transvestite, not a drag queen. He is an action transvestite, a male tomboy - a straight guy who likes to wear women's clothes: 'Running, jumping, climbing trees and putting on make-up when you're up there. That's what it is!' he tells us.

Eddie is s good as he is because he has found himself. He knows exactly where he fits into the real world. Having done this he then makes it all  irrelevant and draws the audience into his own parallel universe.

When he did his first show in a frock in October 1992 someone asked  comedienne Jo Brand how she thought people would react. She shrugged. "The  same way as to me wearing a dress, I s'pose"

He was four when he first remembers being interested in wearing frocks. His  father says: "Eddie dressed up in his mother's clothes as a small child. It didn't worry either of us." At 15 he was caught stealing lipstick. He lied and said it was for a girlfriend.

Eddie's take in the clothing issue?

"It's a gift, but it's a difficult gift, It's like being given a Ferrari when you're a kid - you can't just get in and honk the horn. You've got to  learn how the thing works, you've got to embrace it. "I had to think really deeply. Why do I feel this way? What can I do about
it? Should I do anything about it? Is it built in, or is it something I'm  choosing? Trying to work all that stuff out really was an advanced course in  being truthful to yourself."

He even considered changing sex but decided that he wouldn't make a  convincing woman. He was a bloke in a frock. He had to find his own path, be his own role model.

It's not as if his choices have been easy. After one gig in Cambridge a youth jeered at him in the street. Eddie stood his ground, gave him a load of verbal abuse and was attacked by the bloke and his four mates. Eddie went to court in full make-up, repearted what he said and told the judge that he'd been angry at their attitude. The men claimed Eddie had attacked them - but he simply pointed out that if he'd been looking for trouble he wouldn't have been wearing heels. They were found guilty and fined. Izzard had taken the scary option and won.

He is glamorous. He is glorious. He is Eddie Izzard.