We went to see the first night of Eddie's Circle tour in his home town of
Bexhill and came away feeling a little disappointed. I have the videos and
have seen him live several times.

Yes, the content was heavily reused, but I think what made it worse was the
style of delivery, which to us seemed rushed and almost like nervous,
rehearsed babble than natural relaxed comedy. Interestingly, we also went to
see Dress to Kill when at the Prince's Trust concert and when delivering the
same material he was completely different - relaxed, confident, fresh and
funny - despite this being at the end of the his American tour.

Our conclusion is that Eddie went into Circle unprepared and probably not
with his heart in it. He has a lot of distractions with his budding film
career. I think, like some others that with this tour, he should have taken
time out, or perhaps waited. I look forward to his next tour.


Dear Eddie:

You are truly a brilliant man. Your humor knows no bounds. I first saw Dress to Kill last summer '99 and soon found myself obsessed with you. I saw the Circle show in April in NY and again in June (NY). Both shows were completely different. My husband and son were soon hooked also, and they came to the April show. My daughter, who is only 11, saw Dress to Kill the
other night and now she too is hooked. She has been begging me to replay the video every night.

I cannot wait to see your movies, and another show, maybe Lenny, whatever it is you choose to do, we, your fans, will be there for you.

You wit, intelligence, honesty, compassion, and genuine love of your work, have made you an icon. Keep up the good work and we will continue to be your devoted fans.


Dear Eddie,

Like many Americans, and not unlike the Cavalry, I have arrived late. Unfortunately for me, and my mother, we did not see any of your work until HBO premiered D2K. After that, you became one of my favorite people - and in my opinion, the best comedian to come along since Steve Martin and one of the coolest men around. I have seen Glorious and D2K now and breathlessly await the copy of Definite Article I have purchased from the merchandise site. What would really be great would be if on your next tour, you were to come to my hometown of Houston, Texas. Hell, anywhere in Texas would do - I'll travel. My sister lives in Seattle - and I told her to go see you when you were there with Circle - but NO! She's bazonkers! I will not pass up such an opportunity should it be presented to me. Also, if when you are in Houston, should you come, I can promise you Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, VCR Clue, margaritas and whatever else you need to pass any empty time.

Every Monday on the official message board, I am posting the weekly top ten reasons why you should come to Houston. Hopefully, these reasons will compel you. Also, I must speak up for the Midwest, as well. They also feel neglected and would greatly appreciate an appearance. I mean, a show. I suppose they'd be a little disappointed if you just showed up and then turned around and got back on the plane... PLEASE check out my top ten - I post it under the subject heading "The Begging Texan." Good luck, Eddie and take care!

Rachel Serafine

P.S. Thanks Lyn!

Aloha Eddie,
You may find this funny, but my 14 year old niece introduced me to the whole Eddie Izzard phenom by sharing D2K with us. You have become our favorite entertainer, even out here in the middle of the North Pacific (Hawaii to be exact!). We traveled over 2500 miles to attend your 06/08/00 show in San Francisco. We couldn't believe our eyesas we sat there and took in your brilliance. To borrow a line from your show, "it was AWESOME!" We loved every minute and wished it could go on forever. I know it is an extreme longshot, but to let you know that you and your humor are welcome in our islands anytime. Kudos to "Circle". Hana hou (do it again!).

aloha, a hui hou (until we meet again)
Robert & Kelly Reed, Alice, Ralph, Glorianna, Matt and Tina Romanelli!

I would like to answer to this open letter. I am french and my name is Julien, I don't want to speak in others' name as I  don't know


what they think and furthermore who they are. It is my belief that Eddie Izzard is one of the most brilliant artist ever. I like him very much. I went to see his show when he came to France in December last year, 12/08/99 to be precise. It is true that his material was quite the same, but I watched the video and I can assure you that when you've got the man in front of you doing his show, in french, that was a different show, he didn't say his jokes the same way, he was not making an impression of James Mason or Sean Connery the same way, and I do believe that there are not two identical shows, it is different everyday, because the public is not the same, because Eddie is not in the same mood, I went to see him after the show and that was great because I could talk to hime to say that I loved his show. I was watching Unreapetable the other night and that was truly brilliant. So please give him
time to find new stuff; I am quite sure that every month, everyday and every minute he works on his new show introducing some new bits to the rest to analyse how the public reacts. So be patient and you'll find that that man is a genius. But every genius has to work to show one is a genius.


I could watch the D2K video hundreds of times and still never get enough of Eddie. We Americans are waiting with open arms for you. Everything stated in that letter could have been written by a number of people on both sides of the pond. I guess you don't realize what you have til its gone. COME ON OVER EDDIE -- CALIFORNIA IS WAITING FOR YOU. Need a place to recharge your battery? There are a lot of open doors here!!!!


Hello from an a new Eddie fan - owed to HBO airing the Dress to Kill show.

I saw one preview and knew that he was something special, and that I had better watch. I searched the listings for the next showing and set a reminder. I nestled up with my comforter, popcorn and soda. Moments after he started I became completely engaged, turning up the TV so I could hear over myself laughing. I had to pee so bad, with all the soda, but couldn't leave the room. I was hanging on every bit. Finally after the show ended, I couldn't believe how good I felt (not just because I could finally go pee) - I truly hadn't laughed that hard in a very long time.

Soon after, I was desperate to find ANYTHING Eddie that I could get my hands on. I have managed to get a few items, holding out for the videos since seeing him is at least 40% of the act. I ordered the book, and surfed the web until I found every Eddie nook and cranny. I found friends at work that are from England and begged of them whether or not they knew of Eddie so we could share appreciation. I rented every movie I could  find with the smallest glimpse of Eddie.

There have been rumors that Eddie will be visiting the West Coast of North America sometime later, but not wanting to take a chance that might not come true, I have purchased a ticket for the show in Chicago (I live in Seattle).

I can't wait to see Eddie. I have never appreciated any performer so much I would travel to another city to see them. I will love it if a couple bits are ones I know, so I can see the expressions on his face. I also know that if Eddie does make it to Seattle (or anywhere on the West Coast), I'll get another ticket, and I am quite sure that it won't be much like the show I will see in Chicago, having all that time down under to think of new ideas to share with us.

In other words - poo on the Brits complaints. I would have loved to been able to trot down to see Eddie play on the stage in any production, particularly Lenny. I've seen comedians do the same bits and gags - nearly word-for-word. Talk about snore. The thing is - Eddie is much more than a stand-up comedian - he really is a one man show.

April Reagan

As a self-proclaimed Eddie Izzard freak, I, too, am puzzled by the snarky nastiness of some of the print reviews of "Circle" as well as the fan response.

I haven't yet seen Eddie live, and I'm patiently (barely) waiting for spring 2000 for the U.S. leg of his tour to kick off. My feeling about Eddie is that he genuinely thrives on the adrenaline and waves of love that come from his appreciative audiences, and that he continues to pound himself into the ground because he can't stop performing live. The commercial rewards of standup fall far below those of films, television, etc., so he must desperately want to do it . The "live" experience is something I cherish generally (I'm a big theatre fan), and I would love to see Eddie do on stage some of the bits I'm so addicted to. Being American, I came in to the middle of the Eddie movie. I missed the whole sprouting of the cult and I'm just witnessing the World Domination Phase. I would do anything to be able to say, "I saw him when...."

However, I can appreciate the feelings of people who shelled out a lot of money, traveled great distances, etc., only to find their hero churning out, and in some cases, half-heartedly, a show that they know backwards, forwards, and in French, possibly. He works far too hard and, even though he may not fear it, could be in danger of a major burnout. Could that be what The Guardian was so pissed off about? Otherwise, I can find no reason to be so John Simonish about it all.

Be careful, Eddie...like California, you're the out there, wild one. Don't break my heart...you're my comedy hero, and I have brought in new converts.

It's all exponential, you know....and yeah, I have the tapes, the CDs, the book, even the teeny tiny tee shirt that no human frame could possibly fit...but I am counting on seeing you LIVE, like you mean it, like you've always meant it....

Get some rest, slow down, and I'll see you at The Westbeth (or wherever you say).

I felt compelled by the open letter printed on your page to write to you to give my views concerning the material in the Circle tour.

Having seen the man himself in Birmingham on Friday October 22nd I can honestly say I am disappointed, greatly so. Although I sat and laughed the whole way through, as you do, I couldn't helped feeling cheated. And I know the Americans would feel the same in our position, I really do.

Maybe this will truly explain how much Eddie let us down. My friend actually watched the Dress To Kill video that day, in order to warm up for another blistering new set. The man is the funniest human being ... ever. Surely he can write some new material, or just not do the tour. I agree

whole-heartedly with the person who said that we would wait for Eddie to write new material, we didn't mind.

However, I will still support Eddie all the way. And I also want to reiterate that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show, especially the bit where he moaned about standstill traffic in Birmingham (I nearly missed the start because of said traffic!!). However, we couldn't help but leave the theatre with a nagging doubt in our minds.

As another Eddie-starved American, I cast my vote in support of the letter. As many of the responders have pointed out, seeing a brilliant performer live is a whole new dimension and is nothing like a taped version; noone complains when a band plays the same song that we've all heard on the radio; and anyway, Eddie could recite the phone book and have us all peeing in our pants. I give Eddie my wholehearted support and will be holding my breath until he appears in the Baltimore/Washington area. (Hurry up, Eddie!! I'm turning blue!)

I'd just like to comment on the open letter that was posted on your website.While I agree that Eddie is a genius and a very gifted person he should write a lot of new material if he is doing a national tour. 

A lot of us fans went with baited breath to his new Circle shows because we  expected him to have new material.We have all seen D2K and the like till our vcr's wont work anymore and the tapes are wasted. We know what to expect now when we go and see Eddie doing a tour. In my opinion he should have waited a bit,he has gone straight from doing Lenny to doing a nation wide tour. Mr Izzard will be on burn out if he is not careful.You can see it in his Circle tour , he just does not have his heart in it. I expect its all a money making exercise,a little pressuring from his agent and such. Eddie as a plea from your fans mate,just take it a bit easy, go on holiday, have a rest,and write some new material when you are ready to. We will wait.

I have all of Eddie's videos and spend many a happy hour watching them. I know them off by heart but even so I'm looking forward to seeing him perform LIVE! Old or new material - who cares!

Here, here! I second, third, ...even fiftyith it. How can they
complain! They at least get to see him live. I was also thinking about writing a letter pleading him to come to the states. Then I'd considered going to Europe if that failed. They don't know how lucky they are.

Hope he's reading, cuz the firestorm of fans is growing is on the move. I had a party recently and played one of his tapes..... 15 new fans (that's everyone who came) on the spot! Some becoming rabid.... they want more! So Eddie, if you're reading this.... Madison Wisconson loves

Totally agree with your comments on Eddie using 'old stuff'.

The man works too hard, god knows he's got enough money now to just sit back and do nothing but he's still out there treading the boards. Most people say that touring doesn't provide much in the way of financial rewards so he's got to be doing it for the love of it (and us I hope).

He seemed really tired after his Newcastle gig (last week) and was sooo patient with the fans wating around outside. Signing programs and chatting, posing for photos etc. A true Pro.

No-one whinges when bands play the same old songs, the old ones are more often the best. I could watch his videos again and again and still laugh at the way he entertains. As somone once said, "It's the way he tells them."

Here! Here! to the anonymous letter in support of Eddie. Here's a guy who probably performs well over 300 days a year and just completed his run of "Lenny" before going straight on to "Circle!" Bravo, Eddie and long live Englebert Slapdyback and Slutbunwalla.

I surely feel that this letter could have been written by any of us Izzard fans here in the States.....The letter sums up my sentiments exactly.....Why doesn't Eddie do a full fledged tour in the Good Ole USA....It's not like he doesn't have the exposure....
Or the fan base.....Eddie is always talking about us Americans and how we have that can do attitude, well I think Eddie should just come on over and just do...
I don't know if he is that afraid of rejection...He seems to stay where he feels most comfortable...but I know he will do fabulously better if he would just make himself more

marketable in the US....There is an Izzard famine over on this side of the pond, we are all starving for Eddie... And who really cares if we have heard some of the stuff
on videos or cassettes....We want to see him live...Again,the letter could have been written by any one of us Us fans.....Thanks for posting it and letting me voice my opinion.... EDDIE COME ON OVER....

Absolutely, with you all the way even though I'm from Canada (Ontario). If Mr. Izzard would venture over the pond again I would be there encouraging him on - whether its in the U.S. or Canada - thank goodness for trains, boats and planes, etc. I think the Brits (and I was born in England) are very spoiled and don't appreciate Mr. Izzard's many talents. I don't think they realize that the D2K video is a compilation of maybe two or three shows - The Best of Mr Izzard (most likely for marketing purposes) although I'd like to believe that it was done for the "fans".

Regardless, I have the divine pleasure of owning Definite Article and Unrepeatable along with D2K and I love the ad libs thrown in with the rest of his material. I cannot say enough about him, how brilliant, how sexy, how everything - do you think I'm a little "taken" with this man - absolutely!!

I just hope he doesn't burn out before the rest of the World has an opportunity of seeing or hearing him.

I personally think that he should take a well deserved vacation but come to Canada of course, where I would definitely pamper him. Of course there are probably 50 or 60 thousand fans with the same idea!!!!

I wholeheartedly agree. Actually this COULD have been written by me,cuz I also went to musicals in N.Y. with family in the 60's,late 50's,and relished the LIVE aspect. Whole new world. I've tried to take my kids to live theatre,and stand-up,and they would go home and create their own shows! In Britain they've had Eddie for 8 years or more and are very familiar with  his work. They expect more from a new tour like in the past.In this case he  just finished Lenny and Dress to Kill hadn't been done live over there. It IS a bunch of adlibbed bits and he continues to build;doesn't write it down anyway. Thanks for the open letter;he has huge ambitions in our market anyway,but mostly in movies so I hope he gets this message!

Tell the author (I am assuming it is a "she" for some reason) that I agree totally! I watch Eddie's videos over and over again, listen to his CDs over and over again, and never stop laughing. The chance to see him live is one that I would jump at here in the US and I am amazed that so many UK fans are complaining about the tour!

Just a note that I FULLY AGREE with the author of that letter. Gosh, I have seriously considered flying to London JUST TO SEE EDDIE and I could give a rats patoot what material he does. I would be thrilled just to see him in person. I think the Brits are way spoiled by having him in arms distance.

I invite him to come to America and see the JUBILANT reception we would
give him ... Do D2K - I will do it with him - I know it so well! hehe