Sexie Set List
Thanks Chrissy

Pre-show Tom Jones Music

The show:
 Stop going
 Seattle History
 Australian names for places
 Batman in the 60s, a camp git
 Greek superheroes
 Medusa's hairdresser
 Breasts - if you can buy them, flaunt them
 Trying to pass as a woman
 Firemen and slidy poles
 I was born in Yeman
 I bought the Koran
 Islam has no common sense anymore
 The Arabic his dad learned during 8 years in Yemen


 Eastern Vs Western medicine
 Cro-Magnon man Vs Homo sapiens
 Rotator cuff injury
 Balsamic vinaigrette
 Caveman stories
 Horse riding
 Horse whispering
 The failed guide dog
 Fox hunting
 The Moore Theater is not air-conditioned
 The seasons of the Southern Hemisphere freak Eddie out!
 Eddie's life story

Encore: Christopher Walken (sort of)


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