Eddie, darling, you must tell me where you got that skirt!
Daily Mail | 07.14.03 | Thanks Sarah M.


Heaven knows what Trinny and Susannah would have made of it on their BBC makeover show What Not To Wear.

Out for the evening with a female friend, comedian Eddie Izzard threw good taste to one side with a garish knee-length skirt and finished off with a well-padded bra, strappy high-heeled shoes and handbag.

In contrast to Izzard, his friend has clearly decided that it wasn’t a night for overdressing. While he seemed to have gone to town on the make-up, her face was unadorned and she opted for a denim jacket and flat shoes.

Izzard is so well-known for his cross-dressing inclinations that his unconventional look barely raised an eyebrow when he visited the private members Groucho Club in Soho at the weekend.

Even after a night of dinking, the 41-year-old comedian had no problem negotiating the walk to his Central London home in those high heels.

Izzard, who recently starred in the television mini-series 40, started cross-dressing in secret when he was a teenager. He did not tell his friends until he was 23, when he joined a support group. Six years later he told his father who “took it in his stride”.

Izzard has said of his dressing up: “I’d be happy to be taken for a woman and that’s what I was initially trying to do. But that wasn’t going to happen because everyone kept calling me Sir. So I thought I’d change the method and just start wearing what I wanted to wear.

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