Swinging Eddie on a 'triple-hit' search
21jul03 | Daily Telegraph

WHEN working on material for his stand-up shows, British comedian Eddie Izzard is searching for the "triple hit ideas".

"[They are the ideas] that are funny, truthful and have a point," he told Confidential ahead of the Sydney leg of his world tour -- Sexie. Not everything in the self-described male lesbian and executive transvestite's two-hour shows are an "interesting illumination of life".

"I do just like talking a lot of crap too sometimes, probably most of the times. Stuff that makes me laugh," he said.

Luckily the stuff that makes Izzard laugh seems to make a lot of other people laugh too with his shows selling out around the country and a sixth Sydney show has just been added to his schedule.

Regardless of where he's playing, Izzard finds his audiences are tickled by the same things.

"It's a state of mind not a geographical location," Izzard says.

"The Australian audiences are good.

"However, the New Zealand audiences, the British audiences, the Icelandic those in Canada, they are all good.

"The ones I'm playing to are people who are open minded and all are willing to swing.

"And they can string sentences together.

"They are good audiences the world over."

Tickets for the August 1 show go on sale today.

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