Too Sexie for His Skirt
IC Northern Ireland| 09.243.03 | Thanks Judy

SPARKLES and sequins will brighten up an otherwise dull Belfast winter this year, when cross-dressing funnyman Eddie Izzard returns to these shores for the first time in four years.

Eddie Izzard

The inimitable Mr Izzard is set to bring his 20-date Sexie tour to the King's Hall on Tuesday, December 2, for an evening of giggles and glamour.

The show will herald a welcome home for the star, who spent his early childhood living in Bangor.

Although Eddie left the Province with his family in 1967, we're still happy to claim him as Ulster's first comic superstar with a penchant for women's clothing - and no, we didn't forget May McFettridge.

Eddie's career took-off a decade ago when, after starting at the Covent Garden piazza, he played for 13 weeks at the Ambassador's Theatre, which resulted in a handful of awards.

Since then, he has become a household name on both sides of the Atlantic, with sold-out shows nearly everywhere he plays.

In more recent years, Eddie has moved into acting, and, despite performances in such dire films as The Avengers and Circus, he has appeared in Hollywood outings including as All The Queen's Men and the asyetunreleased Blueberry.

But, while Eddie may still have some way to go to prove he can cut it on the silver screen, he has more than proved himself on stage.

Not only was he nominated for a Tony Award for his role in A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg, but he also had the critics salivating over his performance in Lenny when it played in the West End and Broadway.

However, it is in stand-up comedy where Eddie truly excels and December's show, which is sure to feature the star's cutting comments and wry look at the world, will doubtlessly have you rolling in the aisles with laughter.

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