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Eddie Izzard
February 24, 2000
TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with comedian Eddie Izzard. Welcome Eddie!

Izzard: Hello. Before I start, I'd like to know where everyone is calling from.

Question: Eddie, I love all your bits about history, are you a big reader, or do you get your info from the Discovery Channel and History Channels, like I do?

Izzard: Yes. I get it all from television. And cd-roms. And one or two books. And my mum.

Question: Do you like Kids in the Hall? If so, who's your favorite?

Izzard: Yes. I like Kids in the Hall and of course, I do not have a favorite. They're all very good.

Question: Would you like to do more roles like the Peter Hume character from The Criminal?

Izzard: If you mean would I like to do more films, yes I would. If you mean, would I like to play more forensic scientists-yes I would. That's all I want to play from now on.

Question: When are the prespective dates for the West Coast portion of the Circle tour? We're writhing with jealousy here in California .

Izzard: The West Coast dates are roughly Mid May to Mid July. Actually, to the beginning of July. Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, maybe Vegas.

Question: Any films due for release in the near future?

Izzard: Yes. Circus which is Spring 2000 in the U.K. and Shadow of the Vampire which is September 2000 in the U.S. There is also the film, The Criminal, which I'm not sure about.

Question: How is it that you met David Bowie? Are you two close friends?

Izzard: I met him when he came to my show in New York and we've spoken a few times since then. But, I'd don't know him hugely well.

Question: It seems that the closer you get to the states, the more you downplay your desire for feminine-style clothing. Do you do this because you think American audiences aren't ready for a transvestite comedian?

Izzard: I don't think that I dress any differently in the US than in the UK. Not when I last checked.

Question: What do youlike to do to relax, when your brain isn't whirring with comic genious?

Izzard: I like to watch films and relax in very mild hydrocloric acid.

Question: Will we see a production of Lenny featuring you in the US?

Izzard: Yes I should be coming in to Broadway in Spring of 2001.

Question: Do you find it annoying when fans come up to you and repeat lines from your routines?

Izzard: Yes.

Question: If you could have any career you wanted, outside the entertainment industry, what would it be?

Izzard: Astronaut. Except, I'd throw up a lot. But I'd like the view.

Question: Is your website or a fan generated one? How would one post a message directly to you - like to wish you a belated birthday!?

Izzard: Yes. That is my official web site and I should be linking it to for videos and merchandise. In the very near future. To get an e-mail to me directly is very difficult, because I hide.

Question: Eddie, how much of your show is scripted and the same every night and how much is improv?

Izzard: 9/24ths is scripted, 14/24ths is partially scripted, and the rest is ad-libbed. 1/24th! Actually, it's more than that. I don't know. I'm ad-libbing this answer.

Question: Eddie when are you coming to visit us on the 3rd coast? You really should consider it. Houston would love to have youvisit with your interest in space, who knows, perhaps NASA will make you their first transvestanaut!

Izzard: I would come to the third coast, but the last time I checked a map of the US I couldn't find any third coast. So until that anamole is sorted out, I can't come. But anyway, I couldn't go into space with NASA, I'd have to go into space with the European Space Agency. Which is in Europe-which has many coasts.

Question: Do you plan on appearing on any American talk shows in the near future?

Izzard: Yes. Letterman March 6th. Daily Show later that week.

Question: Are children allowed to see your shows?

Izzard: Yes, as long as they're over the age of 2. Under 2, I don't advise it. because some of the more challenging religious and sexuality references could be a little complex. If you're three, it's no problem.

Question: What was it like making Mystery Men?

Izzard: It was like being on a planet that's covered in a strange dust that kind of glistens but sticks to your car and then sort of floats off in a haze every evening. It was very much like that. But I enjoyed it, I did a big Hollywood film. That not a lot of people watched. It's now available on video and DVD. and on scotch tape. By that I mean sello tape.

Question: You're touring the US, Australia, and then New Zealand. Where do you hope to perform next?

Izzard: After that, I'm coming back to the west coast of America and then back into NY, probably at the Town Hall. In June.

Question: Do you still have plans to use the film script you and Peter Richardson wrote about the life of Dick Turpin? If so, will you star in the role? It sounds cool!

Izzard: Yes I do. Yes I will. Yes it is. We're still tinkering on the script, but we will definitely make it as soon as we can.

Question: When did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Izzard: What? Answer questions on the internet? I don't do this for a living. I talk crap for a living. This I do for free. Mush.

Question: Who are your comedic influences?

Izzard: Monty Python, Spike Milligan, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Kids in the Hall, Robin Williams Woody Allen, Bob Newhart. Tutankaham The Egyptian guy. The boy king. The guy who went on tour about 10 years ago in a very dead state.

Question: When will Circle be available to those who are not fortunate enough to get tickets?

Izzard: Probably 2001. I want to film it and give it a theatrical release, like Richard Pryor did years ago.

Question: Have you noticed a difference between the UK, US and Canadian audiences (considering you have stated that humor is global)?

Izzard: There are no differences. All the alternative audiences in these countries are the same. I think the mainstream audiences in different countries, could well be different.

Tvgchat: Thanks Eddie! for chatting with us!

Izzard: Sorry I couldn't talk longer, but I have a meeting with the Pope on 42nd Street. So goodbye to the world of the internet.

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