Eddie in Montreal July 11-13 for Just for Laughs Festival

Eddie Izzard brings his show ‘Stripped’ to the Gesù!

From the vantage point of his elegant, sexy and absurd universe, Eddie Izzard tackles topics ranging from the origin of language to Wikipedia, from the banjo to helicopters, from God to the creation of life and of course…bananas

The N.Y. Times declared him to be « the most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation—he is deliriously, dizzyingly, catch your breath funny. » Don’t miss the chance to see Eddie perform in Montréal!

>> Tickets on sale here

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Eddie Izzard: Stripped, Théâtre de Dix Heures, Paris

[from independent.co.uk]
“Tout en Français!” the posters proclaim, and indeed Stripped – Eddie Izzard’s whistlestop tour through the history of civilisation, which he has performed on and off in English since 2008 – sees him hold forth on evolution, Nazis, sharks, God being a crack addict and giraffes playing charades – all in French.

His command of the language is excellent: he’s fluent enough to hop, skip and tumble from one surreal topic to another just as he does in his native tongue. In fact, he uses barely a word of English, just the occasional bit of swearing for effect; if he can’t quite remember the conjugation of a verb he will ask the audience: (“Comment dit-on ‘éteindre’ au passé composé?” – “What’s ‘to extinguish’ in the past tense?”) and they are delighted to help out.

Although venerated by French comedians, Izzard is by no means a household name. He has played in Paris twice before, but the last time was 11 years ago. The title Stripped is apposite: the venue is a small, boiling-hot 135-seater in the heart of Pigalle, home to the Moulin Rouge and many a saucy cinema. (His next gig, incidentally, is the Hollywood Bowl, capacity 17,000.) After an initial flurry of bilingual expats, the vast majority of the audience now is French and they take to him right from his opening “Bonsoir!” The show is classic Izzard – universal themes illustrated in surreal detail: dinosaurs singing hymns, opera singers omitting consonants; a literary giant squid running out of ink. If anything flags slightly, he stops and makes his trademark notes on his hand: “Non. C’est drôle, mais peut-être pas pour lundi.” (“It’s funny, but maybe not for a Monday.”) There are passing topical references to Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Marine Le Pen, but bigger laughs come when he references George Formby and tries to explain his most famous song “Quand Je Nettoie Les Fenêtres”; or Kenneth Williams, whom he compares to a velociraptor opening a door. (I found out afterwards that he had improvised that scene and was so pleased with how it went down, he’ll now use it in English.) Izzard’s linguistic dexterity is particularly evident in a satisfying climax involving two soldiers trying to discuss Hannibal, but getting horribly entangled in Latin declensions and verb endings. Amo, amas, amat. We all loved it.

To 2 July (www.justepourrire.fr)

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Eddie Izzard “STRIPPED ON THE SHORE” at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday July 16th. As one of 2 outdoor performances in the US this summer, you don’t want to miss your chance to see what The New York Times calls, “The most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation”, at one of California’s most legendary venues.

PreSale starts Wednesday May 11th @ 10.00am (San Francisco time)
Buy tickets at www.ticketmaster.com
Use Code: BEES

(reserved seating only)

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Eddie Izzard makes Hollywood Bowl History with Stripped to the Bowl, the first-ever solo standup comedy show at the iconic venue.

WEDNESDAY JULY 20 @ 8.00pm
2301 N Highland Ave, Hollywood , CA 90068

The Hollywood Bowl box office opens for single ticket sales on Saturday, May 7, 2011. For more information please call 323.850.2000.

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Eddie in Paris April 15 – May 14

(thanks Jo)

Eddie will perform Stripped tout en Francais April 15- May 14.


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Eddie Izzard to Play The Hollywood Bowl

Eddie Izzard, Stripped to the Bowl, which will mark the first all-comedy presentation to play the Hollywood Bowl, is scheduled for July 20 at 8 PM. Izzard is known for his stand-up, in addition to his stage performances in Race, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg and Cryptogram.

Non-subscription tickets go on sale May 7th. (thanks Jo)


TICKETS: ‘Five or More’ subscriptions are available now, visit www.hollywoodbowl.com for more information. The Hollywood Bowl box office opens for single ticket sales on Saturday, May 7, 2011. For more information please call 323.850.2000.

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Eddie Izzard brings act to St Albans park

[from hemeltoday.co.uk]

On September 24, 25, and 26, three of the UK’s best loved comedians, Eddie Izzard, Dyaln Moran and Reginald D Hunter, will take to the stage together in the glorious surroundings of St Albans Verulamium Park.

For those lucky enough to secure tickets this will be a chance to enjoy one of the very last evenings of the summer in historic style. Tickets for just one of these acts are difficult to come by, but the chance to see all three on the one stage on the one night is a unique, rare and magical experience.

The three-day event, which will take place on the UK’s first purpose built outdoor comedy platform, will have outside bars and food stalls.

Tickets are available at www.hmvtickets.com/events/1055

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Old Interview…New Footage

[thanks Jean]

This interview was done in the Netherlands during Stripped featuring some nice behind the scenes footage.

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Eddie Izzard proves there’s method in his comic madness

[from the Vancouver Sun]

Eddie Izzard is many things: actor, marathon runner, charity fund-raiser and, yes, self-proclaimed transvestite.

He’s also a first-rate comedian. Now more than halfway through the Canadian leg of his Stripped Tour — he’s not in drag for this one — Izzard brought his sharp brand of comedy to Vancouver Friday night for the first of two shows at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

The British comic isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Often absurd and tangential, Izzard’s stream-of-consciousness approach doesn’t follow a traditional comic trajectory. It’s observational, to be sure, but it’s far removed from the material of an everyman’s comic such as Jerry Seinfeld or the oft-hilarious and occasionally offensive Chris Rock.

Izzard instead takes his audience on a nonsensical adventure where the journey is the destination. It’s easy to get lost in his mumbled minefield, which offers plenty of explosive material along the way.

Wearing a black tuxedo jacket with tails, black T-shirt and jeans– with a healthy dose of eyeshadow on his heavily made-up face — Izzard localized things immediately with a quip about Captain Vancouver, “Canada’s first superhero.”

Religion provided a rather large target for Izzard in the early proceedings. It’s not mean-spirited stuff, though; Izzard prefers to comment on things like gods living up in the clouds, where visibility is poor. “Who would live there?” he asked rhetorically.

There’s no fog when it comes to his overall view on religion, though his description of himself as a “spiritual atheist” might confound some in the holier set.

Where Izzard shines, though, is in his ability to make a polished act seem completely spontaneous in its delivery, even pretending to get lost occasionally. He’s so good at it, in fact, that when he wondered aloud where he was, a few folks in the audience felt compelled to shout out verbal cues to help jog his memory. “Thank you, script supervisor,” he said after one gentleman offered some unwanted assistance.

All this, of course, just provided more laughs.

Some of Izzard’s material veers into the realm of Monty Python. Quite silly, really. “Why weren’t there any dinosaur poets?” got a good laugh, though often it seems to be his frenetic delivery that drives the crowd’s positive reaction to the jokes.

But that’s comedy, isn’t it? “Ten per cent content, 90 per cent yelling,” Seinfeld told talk-show host Jimmy Fallon this week, the point being that the method is often as important as the madness behind it.

Izzard’s method is madness, of course, but there’s certainly a good dose of incisive intelligence in the mix.

Some jokes are too long, which can diminish the payoff: His Noah’s Ark bit felt like it floated aimlessly for 40 days and 40 nights.

Then again, comedy is a subjective enterprise. Izzard is rarely gutwrenchingly funny, but he’s genuinely entertaining to watch.

Although, to be perfectly honest, he’s sexier in heels.

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Listen closely to Izzard’s clever patter and you’ll enjoy great payoffs

[from timescolonist.com]

What: Eddie Izzard

Where: Royal Theatre

When: Last night

Rating: **** 1/2 stars (out of five)

Seconds after stepping on the Royal Theatre’s stage, Eddie Izzard announced he was confounded by our city’s name.

The popular British comedian had done usual “hello Victoria” greeting before stopping himself. “I shouted out the name of a queen from the 1800s,” he said slyly. “ That’s a bit weird.”

The Canadian leg of Izzard’s Stripped tour brought him here after stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary (tonight he embarks on a two-night stint at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre). As promised the comic, a self-proclaimed transvestite, was in “boy mode.” So… no dress. Still, for Izzard, dressing as a guy apparently means accessorizing ones tailcoat and jeans with high heels, eye-shadow and rouge.

For the first hour, Izzard — one of the globe’s sharpest comics — talked about God and the evolution of religion. This may not sound a laugh riot; and to be sure, one had to pay close attention to his clever patter. Yet payoffs were there in abundance.

Much of Izzard’s shtick revolved around the inherent absurdities of Christian lore. For instance, how could someone like God tolerant a nasty chap like Adolph Hitler?

“If there was a God, he would have flipped Hitler’s head off,” Izzard said. He then did a funny little routine about der Führer’s troops who, pleased about their leader’s ability to pop off his noggin, chant “Nazis… number one!”

What makes Izzard (who’s also a TV and film actor) different from other stand-up comics is the dizzying speed of his wit, his utter comfortableness on stage and, above all, his deliciously-honed sense of the absurd. The latter somehow seems a distinctly British sensibility — Izzard eschews the raw brashness of a Chris Rock, for instance, in favour of that loopy sense of surreal embraced by Monty Python.

Throughout, there’s a gentleness to what he does. One observer has called this approach “the velvet razor.” Put another way, the equally brilliant Billy Connolly slaps us on the back like a high-IQ pub companion on an absolute roll. Izzard is also energetic, yet there’s more of an eye-winking, subtle sense of style to his delivery; he’s like the Oxford undergrad shifting into high gear at a martini party.

Last night’s show included a potted history of the world, based on information Izzard cheerfully admitted he’d culled from Google and DVDs. Take dinosaurs roaming the earth for 200 million years. What sort of deity would allow this? “That’s got to be God on crack,” Izzard declared.

When following his idiosyncratic logic threatened to become wearisome, Izzard took care to pepper his act with crowd-pleasing bits. We were, for instance, treated to an impersonation of self-important dinosaur poets. Then he pretended to be a Raptor pulled over for speeding.

Later, Izzard pondered the precise moment when humans officially entered the Stone Age. He imitated a prehistoric man who, encountering a bison stuck in a swamp, suddenly decides to bonk his prey with a stone.

“Why have I never thought of this before? It’s so f—ing obvious,” Izzard said with a grin.

(Note: Due to deadline restraints, the reviewer left before the two-hour-plus performance ended.)

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