Eddie Izzard on his tour and the end of ‘Tara’

[from OrlandoSentinel.com]

A colleague wanted me to ask “What are you WEARING?”

Yes, Eddie Izzard was calling and yes he’s a hilarious comic and a transvestite, but we were going to talk about cars for this little story I am doing. And “Cars 2,” the new Pixar movie in which Eddie I. lends his dulcet tones.

What he’s wearing is off topic. Funny, but off-topic.

I also asked for reader comment questions, which were off that auto topic as well. They won’t make the main story, but “Ramona,” and “Gina” and others, here’s what he had to say on his tour schedule.

“It’s a mini-tour, and I think the dates are already up there,” he said (website here). “Shoreline (Amphitheatre) is on sale, Hollywood Bowl is the 20th of July, just a day after my mother’s birthday (his DVD/music website is here, if you don’t get the irony). There’s Laughs in the Park, the outdoor comedy festival in St. Albans, that mini-Woodstock of comedy, thousands of people, all day and all night sets of comedy in a field with comedians and fireworks. Just like Woodstock. Except for the fireworks.

“I don’t know if the Montreal festival dates are up yet (they aren’t), but I’m doing French and English gigs there, having just come over from Paris.

“Paris, I’m doing something like twelve weeks of gigs in French in Paris. Are those dates up? (not yet). The only thing I know for sure isn’t on there yet are the Bexhill-on-Sea dates, my hometown, which are SECRET gigs and I won’t tell you about!”

“The United States of Tara” ended this week, the Toni Collette multiple personality disorder show on which Izzard played her psychology professor, Dr. Hattaras (like the Cape, funny). Was he sad to see it end?

“Very sorry to see that go. Great to be a part of some very good work that Toni was doing, a great team to work with. But unfortunately, these things come to an end. And one never knows how they do or don’t work out these things when it comes time to renew them. Happy to do it, LOVE that people liked the show, too.”

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