Review: Eddie Izzard at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena


It’s been more than a year since Eddie Izzard returned to the land of stand-up following a five-year film-making, TV-writing hiatus.

And at the end of last week, his Tyneside fans finally got to see Stripped, the show which hailed his return. His double date with the Metro Radio Arena followed the show’s long run in the US, a residency in the West End and then a bit of a break while Eddie ran 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief (including a rainy day run over the Tyne Bridge in September).

For his latest show, the nation’s favourite action transvestite has put the heels and the skirt on the back burner. This is probably a sensible shoe choice, since the show offers a journey through civilisation from the Stone Age to space travel… touching on lots of what went on in between. In the beginning of the show, Izzard announces he has come to the conclusion that there is no God… and he uses the next two hours to prove it, with the help of a string of animal, historical and even human organ characters, delivered in a succession of his signature – and wonderfully absurd – roleplays.

The recurring yanky squirrel and trumpet-playing chicken, together with a frustrated appendix all deserve special mentions… as does the panic-stricken Giraffe trying to communicate the arrival of a tiger to his mates via the medium of ‘Give Us A Clue’, his take on the stories of Noah and Moses and the Spartan soldier who sacrifices himself on a 20ft Grecian spear and lives to lament. A Latin-laden section also had me laughing my little soccos off.

Oh, how we’d missed him.

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