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SOME comics crack great jokes, but few create a style which becomes so imitated that it becomes mainstream. But such has been the success of Eddie Izzard’s rambling, whimsical monologues, that he has effortlessly conquered America having first spent years charming the pants of audiences in the UK.

So it is no surprise to see the size of the audience which packs an arena more usually used by rock bands, or the warmth of his reception.

Standing alone on a stage, with shirt, jeans and what appears like a ringmaster’s jacket favoured over something more usually found in a woman’s wardrobe, his patter is predictably relaxed and familiar. Themes recur, as he takes us through a journey through time. Dismissing an omnipotent god – or more particularly slavish followers of a bible written by man – he begins when dinosaurs ruled the earth, painting a typically Izzardesque scenario of a church service with a tyrannosaurs rex pastor reading the sermon. His historical timeline rushes us through ancient Greece and Egypt, with a rattle through the complexity of Latin (another familiar theme), before considering the Bayeux Tapestry and making a convincing argument that weavers were clearly the photo journalists of their time.

The internet is acclaimed and dismissed, and Hannibal and the elephants once again finds a place in his routine, before the ten commandments are considered – coveting a neighbour’s ox attracting particularly nonplussed speculation.

Other characteristically random images include feral cows, good sharks responsibly caring for a lost child, and farmyard animals forming a cool jazz band.

He still has the touch for lines which you suspect will follow lines such as ‘Cake or Death’ into popular parlance – his confident delivery is such that for a few minutes” badgers can’t be choosers” seems an entirely plausible consideration.

Cardiff clearly holds him in reverence, and he departs with a (very brief) nod to his time spent growing up in Skewen. Still reeling from his idiosyncratic flights of fancy, for a fleeting moment we enjoy the notion that this still very special talent is as one of ours.

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