Eddie Izzard delivers smart show at Fox

[from the Stltoday.com]

It isn’t just any comedian who would attempt to wring comedy out of Carthaginian warrior Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps, but Eddie Izzard managed to do so during his show at the Fox Theatre Saturday Night.

The British comedian wasn’t the only one flashing some serious erudition, though. When Izzard got stuck on the name of Hannibal’s father, a member of the audience was able to supply it, pronto.

For those of you scoring at home, it’s Hamilcar.

History is Izzard’s primary topic on his “Stripped Too: The Big Intimacy Tour.” Or as he puts it, his act covers “everything that’s happened in the history of the world … with a few gaps.”

For two hours, Izzard rolled out his unique take on how things came to be and where they all went hilariously wrong. From the Stone Age to the age of Wikipedia, no topic that Izzard reached for was out of his grasp.

Many of his best routines didn’t rely on language at all, but rather his gift for physical comedy, facial expressions and wordless grunts. One involved a velociraptor – clever enough to use a door handle in “Jurassic Park,” recall – driving a car and getting a traffic ticket.

Izzard noted that mankind’s evolution from hunter/gatherer tribes to farmers was “a step up on the civilization scale, but a step down on the sexiness scale.” There aren’t many movies made about farming, he said, imagining the slogan for “Bruce Willis’ ‘Farm Hard III’: This time, it’s arable.”

He riffed on various Bible stories, including Noah and the flood, claiming some details may be fudged a bit. “Did he put two of everything on the boat?” Izzard asked. “No. How do I know? Try it.”

Other parts of the show were more surreal. He imagined a group of barnyard animals reborn as a jazz combo and later spoke in the voice of a human appendix, disappointed over having nothing to do.

His most astonishing routine found him deconstructing the Latin language and getting constant laughs while speaking for several minutes using nothing but real and fake Latin phrases, with a little German and a few English obscenities mixed in.

It was smart, daring stuff, but Izzard’s audience was equally smart and ready for anything he threw at it.

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