Eddie Izzard ready for Garden ‘strip’ show

[from bostonherald.com]

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 13,000-plus Eddie Izzard fans at the TD Garden tomorrow night, be on your toes!

The British funnyman’s shtick for his “The Big Intimacy Tour: Stripped Too” starts with the beginning of the planet and ends around the Charles Darwin era.

“We’re talking cavemen, Romans, Greeks, you know I can get obsessed about these things,” Izzard told the Track. “Well, there are gaps, obviously, it would take too long to really get into it all.”

Apparently, this material, in which Eddie strips back all that’s gone down in 5,000 years, has won him raves all over Europe and Scandinavia, although the erudite entertainer comes to the conclusion in his stream-of-consciousness comedy that God doesn’t exist.

“So I’ve got a different angle on Noah and the ark,” said the former cross-dressing comic. “I think he existed, and that there was a flood and he built a boat. But no God is involved.”

But don’t start writing to The Pilot. Izzard, who appeared in the Tom Cruise flick “Valkyrie” and starred in the F/X series “The Riches,” reports it’s all for a laugh.

“I like to get people to at least think a bit,” he said, adding that he attracts “socially progressive” audiences.

“They find me wherever I am, but there’s a stronghold of those people in Boston, I have found. But I just played St. Louis the other night and they got it. And I’ve played the Bible Belt and they dug my stuff. People find me.”

One way to find Eddie is on Twitter, where fans followed his 43-mountains-in-51-days run last year – his quest to get into shape – as well as his left-leaning political views.

“I was encouraged to go on Twitter to put my own spin on the news and give my own point of view because the press in Britain is quite right-wing,” he said. “And besides, I plan to run for political office in 10 to 15 years. I have to get involved. I don’t feel we can leave it to the conservative party to run things.”

But what about fame, fortune, and your 1.4 million Tweeps?

“I would have to get rid of my career,” said the smarty-pants showman. “And that’s the tricky old thing because I have worked my backside off to get it.”

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