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Eddie Izzard cracks up SA crowd

I was there. Eddie Izzard’s first show at the Joburg Civic was absolutely jam packed with incredibly enthusiastic South Africans. I was a little sceptical. I’ve been to a number of international comic acts here. And most of these great comedians I’ve seen don’t work on us. But Eddie did and he is a genius for managing that.

There were a few minutes of warm up and hours of entertainment. Eddie tweeted this morning “Had a great show last night in Johannesburg. Very good audience and I went on a bit. But good to finally play South Africa”. I don’t think anybody was minding too much that you “went on a bit”, Eddie.

My husband was rolling about next to me. John Vlismas (I’m sure it was him) was sitting a few seats a head of us. I tried to spot his reaction but it was too dark.

Eddie finished after 11pm and earned no money for this. I am impressed. As I am with Matthew du Plessis and Jason von Berg’s video of The Times’ interview with the comedian yesterday:


Liaisons are not dangerous

The rest of the world is not going to make a fuss about President Jacob Zuma’s expanding family, says British comedian Eddie Izzard.

“When it comes to how many babies and wives one has, especially if it’s part of tribal custom, the West thinks: ‘Well, that’s what goes on, so let’s ignore it’.”

“Back in the 1990s, during the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky thing, a lot of us in the West thought it wasn’t a big deal because that’s not really got anything to do with anyone, it’s just the Republicans who turned it into something.”

Izzard, born in Yemen and raised in the UK, is touring South Africa with a series of stand-up comedy shows under the banner of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 charity and Real Concerts. He is especially pleased at the timing of his first visit to the country.

“There was all this chaos here and then suddenly, 20 years ago – to the day – it all just stopped,” he said yesterday, referring to the unbanning of the ANC and of the liberation of political parties. “And nine days later, Nelson Mandela walked out.”

And it was to honour the former president that the comedian wanted to visit South Africa.

The comedian and actor, whose films include Oceans 12 and its sequel, performed his first show, a sell-out, last night in Johannesburg. He will travel to Cape Town and Durban and return to Johannesburg for a final performance on his birthday, February 7.

The 46664 It’s No Joke comedy continues, when local comedians Trevor Noah, David Kau, Marc Lottering, Riaad Moosa, John Vlismas, Chris Forest and Ndumiso Lindi perform at Sun City’s Superbowl on February 27.

>> VIDEO: Comedian Eddie Izzard ready to crack up crowds

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Comedy giant Izzard never at a loss for words

Stand-up comic Eddie Izzard is in the country crossing continents from sold-out tours in the US and UK and now six shows from Joburg to Cape Town to Durban with the proceeds contributing to Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Aids charity

He kicked off at the Nelson Mandela at the Joburg Theatre last night and gave the virgin Jozi audience their money’s worth as he launched into a three hours plus monologue starting with his joy at being here. “You had all that shit and 20 years ago, you gave the shit up and it’s all good.”

Describing himself as an action transvestite who likes make-up “lots of it” and fighting, he stepped out in a sober uniform of jeans and tails. But he wasn’t going to sidestep any of the issues as he dipped in and out of religion and God, none of which he takes seriously. “Logically it doesn’t fly,” he says.

Playing the script like a jazz tune which swings easily into improv, he’s never at a loss for words even if sometimes, the stream of consciousness has the performer baffled.

But he’s gloriously funny, both in the way he expresses himself using words, movement and sound to equal effect and the way he approaches his audience. The theatre appeared to be packed with hardcore fans who knew some of the material and would show their appreciation when they recognised a phrase or a story.

And there’s no hands-off for this stranger to our country. “Your president will marry everyone,” he said obviously in touch with what’s happening out there. “It seems similar to Bill Clinton, but it’s different,” was as much as he was going to give on that particular topic. “I don’t want to go there.”

Whether he’s discussing bok choy (a vegetable that’s given up) or Persia (where you could have helped yourself to cats or carpets), there’s a serious message if you are quick enough to find it in-between the hysterical content that’s flying by continuously.

Performances are all sold out but those who were quick to buy tickets will have a blast. His performance is sheer genius.

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  • Did anyone ever doubt that he would charm and entertain where ever he went? Thank you for posting this. He’s quite a guy. Wish he had offspring to possibly pass on his humanity first and his magical,funny and creative mind.

    Comment | February 3, 2010

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