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VENUE: Nelson Mandela at the Joburg Theatre

WHEN: Tuesday night

RATING: ****

Dissing anything from opera to God, Eddie Izzard has a logical explanation for everything he talks about. And with more than three hours of comical chatter, there’s not much he doesn’t attempt.

“I’m an action transvestite,” he proclaims, stepping out in a macho uniform of jeans and tails.

“I like make-up and fights!”

But on the night, he didn’t show any of that. His battle, if any, was displayed in a stream of consciousness that had something to do with civilisation and our reason for being here.

“Nothing,” says the man. “We’re simply here.”

From bok choy, which he describes as a vegetable that’s given up, to carpets and cats that could be had by anyone who was in Persia at the time, an appendix that has little use but to digest grass and thus pleads to be added to the back of a book, his thoughts fly fast and furious and you have to keep your wits about you to stay with the laughter.

But when you do, the rewards are hilarious from this comedian, who wins them over from the US to the UK and finds his rhythm as easily in Africa.

Locally, he was quick to get to the heart of things. “Your president will marry everyone,” he said to screams of laughter. “It seems similar to Bill Clinton, but it’s different,” he said shaking his head, while mumbling, “but I don’t want to go there.”

Performing to a packed theatre and one that gave an ovation when he appeared on stage and prepared to leave, he obviously has hardcore South African fans who applauded wildly whenever he said something they had heard before.

Did he have to adapt? Not much, it seems. And when the audience didn’t seem to get it, he would embroider or let it go as something that didn’t work on this continent.

Sadly for those who’ve been slow to book a seat, all performances are sold out. But for those lucky enough to attend one of his shows, it’s a scream.

Eddie Izzard: Durban at the ICC on Saturday night. All proceeds are earmarked for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Aids charity.

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