SAMURAI JACK (voiced by Phil La Marr)
Samurai Jack was born and bred to be a warrior. He was raised in the Bujitsu code, the ancient rules of Samurai life handed down from one generation to the next. As a young man, an evil wizard named Aku conquered his land and Jack was sent away from his family to acquire the skills he would need to free his people. He studied with Greek philosophers, Tibetan monks, and Italian scholars to hone his mind while also learning horsemanship, the way of the sword and martial arts. When Jack is banished to the bleak future, it is his mental and physical training that helps him survive in this strange new world. A man of very few words, Jack has expressive eyes that tell his story better than anything he could say. 
AKU (voiced by Mako)
Samurai Jack's chief tormenter is a supernatural beast whose reign of evil has infected mankind into a realm of hate and darkness. Aku takes many forms, shifting shapes but creating a looming malevolent presence at all times. Aku knows that Samurai Jack is the only force that can defeat him and interrupt his rule, so he is obsessed with doing everything he can to thwart the displaced warrior. The wizard dispatches an army of minions, including insect-like robots, whose sole purpose is to find and defeat Samurai Jack.

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