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Episode List from TV Tome

Episode 41: Origin of Aku
Episode 42: Origin of Aku Pt. 2
Episode 43: Scotsman Saves Jack
Episode 44: Scotsman Saves Jack Pt. 2
Episode 45: The Aku Infection
Episode 46: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters
Episode 47: The Winged Children
Episode 48: Jack vs. Aku
Episode 49: Seasons of Death
Episode 50: Tale of X9
Episode 51: Young Jack in Africa
Episode 52: Jack and the Baby


Episode 21: Jack and the Dragon Episode 31: Jack and the Scarabs
Episode 22: Jack and the Hunters Episode 32: Jack and the Traveling Creatures
Episode 23: Jack vs. Demongo Episode 33: Jack and the Creature
Episode 24: Jack is Naked Episode 34: Jack and the Three Gems
Episode 25: Jack and the Spartans Episode 35: Jack and the Haunted House
Episode 26: Jack's Sandals Episode 36: Jack, The Monks and the Ancient Master's Son
Episode 27: Jack Becomes a Chicken Episode 37: Jack and the Labyrinth
Episode 28: Jack and the Zombies Episode 38: Samurai vs. Ninja
Episode 29: Jack and the Rave Episode 39: Robo Samurai vs. Mondo Bot
Episode 30: Jack and the Clenches Episode 40: Samurai vs. Samurai


Episode 1: The Beginning Episode 11: Jack and the Scotsman
Episode 2: The Future Episode 12: Jack and the Gangsters
Episode 3: The War Episode 13: Aku's Fairy Tales
Episode 4: Jack, the Woolies & the Mitchellites Episode 14: Jack Learns to Jump Good
Episode 5: Jack in Space Episode 15: Jack Tales
Episode 6: Jack and the Warrior Women Episode 16: Jack and the Smack Back
Episode 7: Jack and the Three  Blind Archers Episode 17: Jack and the Scottsman II
Episode 8: Jack vs. Mad Jack Episode 18: Jack and the Ultrabots
Episode 9: Jack Under the Sea Episode 19: Jack and His Childhood
Episode 10: Jack and the Lava Monster Episode 20: Jack and the Three Monks