A mismatched team of British Special Services agents led by an American must infiltrate, in disguise, a female-run Enigma factory in Berlin and bring back the decoding device that will end the war.

Matt LeBlanc
Eddie Izzard
Udo Kier
Nicolette Krebitz


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All the Queen's Men will hit the video shelves (North American format) on November 18, 2003. You can buy at AMAZON. (thanks Kathy)

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Out of Africa

All the Queens Men will be one of the featured films presented at The 9th Out In Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. More info HERE.

AQM Makes the Film Festival Rounds

- Reel Affirmations
- Rochester Lesbian & Gay Film and Video Festival
- Tampa G&L Film Festival
- ImageOut Film Festival
- Arclight Cinemas
- Seattle G&L Film Festival
- Rehoboth Beach Ind. FF
- Out OK

Confirmed LA Theaters:
Arclight Cinemas, LA Loew's Beverly Center, LA Laemmle's Fallbrook, West Hills, CA AMC Marina Pacifica, Long Beach, CA Edwards University, Irvine, CA UA, Pasadena, CA
Confirmed NY Theaters:
AMC Empire 25, NYC City Cinemas Village East, NYC Clearview's Claridge, Montclair, NJ Lesser's Kew Garden, Queens, NY
Confirmed San Francisco Theaters:
U.A. Galaxy, San Francisco Towne, San Jose
Other Confirmed Theaters:
Loew's Copley, Boston Angelika Houston, Houston Loew's Esquire, Chicago AMC Plymouth Meeting, Philadelphia AMC Woodhaven, Philadelphia Loew's Meridian, Seattle Theaters
Clearview's Chelsea, NYC Lesser's Cobblehill, Brooklyn, NY UA Berkely or Landmark's Shattuck, East Bay Ritz, Philadelphia

Please refer to local listings for booking information. (from the Izzard mailing list)


AQM @ Santa Barbara Film Fest

AQM will screen at the Santa Barbara film fest March 1st and 3rd.


All the Queen's Men
An Atlantic Streamline presentation in association with Dor Film, Phoenix Film, B.A. Film. Produced by Marco Weber, Gabrielle Kelly, Zachary Feuer,  Danny Krausz. Executive producers, Phil Alden Robinson, Rainer Virnich.
Co-producer, Georgy Marosi. Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Screenplay by David Schneider with Jeff
Stockwell, based on a story by Digby Wolfe, Joseph Manduke, June Roberts.
Steven O'Rourke - Matt LeBlanc
Tony Parker - Eddie Izzard
Archie - James Cosmo
Romy - Nicolette Krebitz
Gen. Landsdorf - Udo Kier
Johnno - David Birkin
Franz - Oliver Korittke
Liebl - Karl Markovics
Col. Aiken - Edward Fox
[originally posted on the board by Dorene whose son saw Eddie at the screening]

My son Orion--the Genius--who turned me on to Mr.I in the first place, went to the Mill Valley fest last night with a girlfriend.They waited for "Rush" tix but didn't score. After Chinese, they wandered back, and spied the Man herself.Orion knew it was him, even from the back, by the frosted hair and the way he moved his arms when he talked!(Good boy, RaRa.)He was talking with a couple 30's blokes, signing,etc.They were apologetic about the favour and Eddie was amusing and sweet with them.---"no big deal"Orion overheard them ask Eddie about the film's release, that they had been scanning CakeorDeath(!) and places for news. He didn't catch the answer, so he approached Eddie when the men had walked off and asked him about distribution, that many of his fans are looking for it . Eddie replied that plans hadn't been finalized yet. Then he kept eye contact and waited for more queries-but Orion left it so Eddie said "Okay" and waived a bit and went in with Le Blanc(whom Orion wasn't cued to, I guess!)

That's my Boy. Sorry folks, that he wasn't able to view the film and ask the panel-the producer,Mark Webber was there. He had plans to ask about Eddie's attraction to the role--the action transvestite appeal and the Euro location, and military aspect.Oh well.He did try.

All the Queen's Men was screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival
October 12, 2001

From the SF Chron (thanks Spoot):
"LEBLANC NOT A DRAG: "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc has turned out to be a friend of the Mill Valley Film Festival. He just sent word that he will be here for next weekend's screenings of "All the Queen's Men," a World War II comedy that has LeBlanc dressing as a woman to steal a military decoding device. At next Friday's showing, he will be joined by Eddie Izzard, who appears in drag in the movie, too. As anyone knows who has seen his stage shows, Izzard makes a stunning woman."

It's 1944: A special mission is devised to infiltrate a German factory where the much-coveted Enigma military decoding device is made—the device that played havoc with Allied intelligence. The objective: Bring back the Enigma machine! But there's a catch: The factory is completely run by women, so the (rather mismatched) team of British Special Forces agents, under the dubious leadership of American soldier O'Rourke (Matt LeBlanc), must disguise themselves as women to complete the assignment. Soldier-turned-drag-queen lounge singer, Sebastian (Eddie Izzard), trains the troops, and the high-heeled team of cross-dressing commandos is dispatched across enemy lines, where the fake fräuleins must fend for themselves—against all odds. Director Stephan Ruzowitsky (The Inheritors MVFF 1998) lends his distinctively offbeat sensibility to this wily, wonderful blend of romantic comedy and high drama, aptly described by Izzard as "Some Like It Hot meets Guns of Navarone." —Z. Elton World Premiere In Person: Marco Weber


Izzard's stand-up days helped him in drag screen role

Eddie Izzard says his stand-up background helped him in his role in All the Queen's Men.

Izzard, 38, is well known for his stilettos-and-skirts image as he climbed to fame from his early days at the Edinburgh Festival.

He is now carving out a new career for himself as an actor and has just finished playing Charlie Chaplin in the movie drama The Cat's Meow.

All the Queens Men is based on the true story of four Allied soldiers dropped behind enemy lines during World War Two with a mission to steal the Enigma code machine.

The quartet disguise themselves as women to avoid detection but things start going wrong when they get picked up by a gang of druink German soldiers who mistake them for prostitutes.

He told Ananova: "The walk is very important. It had to be about being feminine without being ridiculously girlie.

"They wanted me to play it like an absurd gay drag queen but I managed to tone my part down."

He helped co-star Matt Le Blanc achieve the look: "I think Matt was very attractive by the time we were through. But then he was when we started.


Click here for a blurb from Premiere Magazine (thanks  Lindsey)

Screen Caps from ET's on the set of 'All the Queen's Men' (thanks Sarah) View the Gallery here!


Izzard's 'All the Queen's Men'
(thanks MRobison)
October 3, 2000
By Ben Platt |Entertainment Tonight

Eddie Izzard's Cake or Death -- Eddie Izzard and Matt LeBlanc ET was on the set of 'All the Queen's Men,' an action/comedy filming in Vienna, Austria. The film stars "Friends" MATT LeBLANC and British comedian EDDIE IZZARD as a mismatched team of British Special Services agents led by an American who, during World War II, must infiltrate, in drag, a female-run Enigma factory in Berlin and bring back the decoding device that will end the war.

Eddie Izzard is not well known in America. Last month he walked away with an Emmy® for outstanding writing for his one-man HBO special "Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill," and a Best Acting award for the same show. The title refers to Izzard's rather risque way of dressing in makeup and women's clothing. Izzard is very comfortable with his mode of dress. "It's a 3rd millenium kind of look, and now that we're here I think the world has caught up with the look. It's just blokes wearing makeup is not so usual, but I think its gonna happen a lot more this millenium." Eddie Izzard's Cake or Death -- Eddie Izzard with Emmys

RICHARD PRYOR inspired Izzard's standup comedy. The comedian also told ET that the way he dresses is more about expressing himself in real life, not on stage. "The comedy has nothing to do with the look. The look is just my sexuality as a male lesbian or as a straight transvestite, whatever the hell I am. And then the comedy is the comedy. They're all separate." 

The filming in Vienna prevented both Izzard and LeBlanc from attending the Emmy Awards. Izzard found himself standing on top of a hill in Austria to hear the awards on his cell phone. LeBlanc presented Eddie with his award a couple of days later at a party in his honor. LeBlanc, who Izzard says is "a great action drag queen (in the film)," was very complimentary of his co-star. "I had never met him. I had heard about him, but never had seen his HBO special. It wasn't my decision to cast him, but whoever made the decision made a great one. He's super, super talented and he's very smart."

 Eddie Izzard's Cake or Death -- Eddie IzzardDressed to Kill
(from Entertainment Weekly | thanks Ann Marie for the article and Lindsey for the pic)
Aopparently Matt LeBlanc got a wee bit inspired by the stylin Charlie's Angels after playing Lucy Liu's boyfriend in the upcoming flick. The actor is now commuting between the Friends set and Hungary, where he's starring as a crossdressing World War II spy in All the Queen's Men, opposite British actor (and transvestite) Eddie Izzard. "I think in the wrong hands, it could be very campy," says LeBlanc, who was convinced by director Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Inheritors) that there could be dignity in drag. "But the stakes [of the plot] are so high- if we get caught, we're dead -- so I think it's okay. We're not just a bunch of guys running around in dresses." As for naming his female celebrity look alike, LeBlanc skirts the issue, saying, "I wouldn't want to offend anyone.

Matt LeBlanc Goes Bi-Continental
(from SJ Mercury| thanks Peggy)

MATT LeBlanc of TV's ``Friends´´ is busy making the World War II feature ``All the Queen´s Men´´ in Hungary. And LeBlanc is also back at work on his series in L.A. For the next six weeks, he´ll be dividing his weeks in half and flying to and from Europe.

``He´s going to be very tired,´´ says British comedian Eddie Izzard, his ``All the Queen´s Men´´ cast mate. ``All the Queen´s Men´´ is based on a true story about Allied soldiers who infiltrated a German factory staffed by women to steal an Enigma decoding device. LeBlanc, according to Izzard, spends ``quite a bunch of the movie dressed in women´s clothes.´´ Izzard plays the transvestite cabaret performer and ex-soldier who shows the fellows how to get into drag -- which won´t come as a surprise to his fans, who are already used to Izzard as the self-proclaimed ``executive transvestite.´´

Izzard, who has found success as an actor on the English stage, has resisted offers to do Hollywood comedies. Now, he says, he's changed his mind, and is ``making decisions based solely on the merit of a project. `All the Queen´s Men´ is actually a comedy, but it had a whole bundle of other things going for it. There are certain comedies that are broad and gag-led. Others are character-led, and the comedy comes out of the situations -- which is the case here.´´




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