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Where's Eddie touring?
Will he tour the US/UK?
What has he done recently?

Where is he now?
Eddie's is currently on tour with his show "STRIPPED". Check out the STRIPPED page or the NEWS page for the latest announcements and appearances and make sure to sign up for one of the email lists at the official site or the CoD site HERE.

Eddie's most recent movie appearances were in VALKYRIE, RAGE and the newly released autobiographical film BELIEVE. For information on more of his movies, go to the STAGE & SCREEN section.

Recent DVD releases are RAGE, which will be released on DVD November 24 and EDDIE IZZARD: LIVE FROM WEMBLEY which was released on November 3rd. Both are available for order through Amazon.

Eddie also recently completed the Mother of All Marathons by running around the UK for SPORT RELIEF.



Eddie's company, Ella Communications, asked me to post this:

"It has been brought to our attention by fans that some websites are selling pirated low quality copies of Eddie’s live shows and representing them as being commercially released. Please avoid these as they are very poor quality and do not support Eddie at all. This is a description of them:

“The DVD's are in a plastic case, each are blank DVD recordable media with what looks like label maker script that just say Eddie Izzard, 1 of 4, 2 of 4 and so on.”

Any DVDs that you see for sale that are region 0, on DVD-Rs, or only being sold for a few dollars are obviously fake and we would strongly advise you against buying them.

Regards, Ella Communications"

Where can I buy his videos? CDs? Audio tapes?
Where can I buy NTSC/US formatted videos?

Both can be answered thusly:
EDDIE'S OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE SITE for PAL / NTSC videos, DVDs and other goodies.
I've also LISTED OTHER PLACES where you can buy his videos, book, audio tapes, CD's and movies.

Are his videos available in DVD?
Please check HERE for a links to available shows and movies in DVD (UK and US regions). Sexie is released for North America as the DVD EDDIE IZZARD: LIVE FROM WEMBLEY. Sexie for the UK region is currently available on DVD as well.

What's the difference between PAL and NTSC? And what is it? And how do we get our tapes converted? What about DVD Regions?
They are different videotape types primarily found in Europe (PAL) and North America (NTSC). You can't play PAL tapes in NTSC VCR's and vice versa unless you have a really expensive super duper VCR (although a UK fan said that new UK VCRs will play --but not tape-- NTSC videos). You can have your tapes converted to the other format. Look in your local Yellow pages under Videotape-Conversion or any videostore that primarily deal in foreign movies. 

North American DVD's are Region 1, Europe is Region 2, all regions are Region 0.

What about EBAY, AMAZON.COM AUCTIONS , etc.?
Be forewarned that prices can be higher than what you would pay at other retail/online sites but they do offer unusual goodies. Just do a search on "Eddie Izzard".

A note about Bootleg Ebay Items:
I was looking through the Eddie items on Ebay and noticed a sudden rise in Eddie-inspired merchandise including dog tags, mouse pads, refrigerator magnets, etc. and when I looked closer, I noticed the seller basically took photos off my site specifically wallpaper I had created, to make these items.

Please don't buy them.
They're obviously bootlegs, probably not well done and ripping off Eddie and the CoD site. The wallpaper and other graphics on CoD were created for fans' enjoyment and not to make money off of. I'm kind of cheesed off about it, but what can you do. Thanks everyone.

Where can I find out more info on his movies? (release dates, screenings, etc.)
Go to EDDIE'S FILM PAGE. It's divided into different sections for each of his movies. You can go to the SHOP EDDIE page for links to online retailers.  Check the individual movie pages for updated info.

Where can I find his theme music from his videos? Are they released on CD?
As far as I know, only the music from Glorious is released on CD and you can buy it off his OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE SITE.

Where can I get a transcript of his shows?
As far as I know there are none for sale. Two dedicated fans (Mark Z. and Maria G.) have transcribed DRESS TO KILL, UNREPEATABLE and GLORIOUS exclusively for the Cake or Death site. DEFINITE ARTICLE, CIRCLE and SEXIE is also available..


Who should I contact if I want to send fan mail/contact his reps?

Eddie Fanmail / UK Press Rep
Karon Maskill, she can be contacted via:
Karon Maskill
33 Cranwich Road
London N16 5HZ

US film agent
Steve Alexander
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
9830 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90212-1825
Telephone: 310-288-4545
Fax: (310) 288 4800

PBJ Management Ltd.
7 Soho Square
London W1D 3DQ
T telephone: 020 7287 1112 Fax: 020 7287 1191

What's the correct pronunciation of Eddie's last name?
Common pronunciation is Iz-zurd (like "lizard") and Iz-ard (like "is hard"). Eddie has said he doesn't care which way it's pronounced although he himself says "Iz-ard" so I guess that's the way to say it.

Where can I see more Eddie?
There is an impressive list of his movies and his appearances at the IMDB.COM SITE. It should be noted that his recent movie appearances (Velvet Goldmine, Secret Agent, Avengers and Mystery Men) are mostly smaller roles but it's still fun to see him wearing his actor hat.

Where can I learn more about Eddie (how old he is, who his influences are, etc.)
An excellent resource is a book he co-wrote with David Quantick called "Dress to Kill". Check out the "SHOP EDDIE " link on the welcome page. You can also check out his BIO PAGE.

Is he gay? Is he single? Does he have a girlfriend? How tall is he? What color are his eyes?
No. Yes (not married). Maybe. 5'4"-5'7 1/2" depending on who you ask. Blue.

But I want mooooore info!
(Eddie wrote his version of his bio for the Unrepeatable official tour program which also appears on the PANDABUN SITE)

Birthdate: 7/2/62 (February 7, 1962)

Place of Birth: Aden, Yemen

Height: 5ft 7 and a half inches apparently

Weight: I don't know at the moment. I was fatter and i've got less. I think it's about 10 and a half. It could be 11 and a half. Could be 11. I'm honestly not sure. 10 and a half I think is what I'm trying to get to

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brownish. Changeable. But i'm really a blonde at heart

Demeanour: Lazy bastard with a huge drive thing. That sort of answers most things, why I'm sometimes slovenly and can't get anything done, other times I'm doing a 55 day tour and that's no problem

State of mind: I'm very curious, very enquiring. I like learning things

Home: London. Essentially, where I am. Not particularly my flat

Habits: Watching telly, watching black and white films. Always leaving just enough time to be late for things. I'm always 15 minutes late

Unusual skills: All my unusual skills I use now. So I'm looking for normal skills. I can unicycle

Previous jobs: Two weeks as a barman, three weeks as a waiter. I worked in a self-service cafe in Bexhill. Apart from that they were all performing. I won't work unless I perform. I didn't want to work as a waiter, I want to act, and they said "Oh, you can't act. No-one's allowed to unless you're an actor" Which meant if you don't know actors.....

Likes: Ice cream, I like the Scottish Highlands, and I like the South Downs and I like the cosmopolitan thing in London. I like communication. I like the positive application of technology

Dislikes: I dislike people who are sure, people with closed minds

Phobias: I'm not wild on spiders that are big and move fast and tear your head off. I get quite worried about large sea storms in dark places. If you go somewhere and it's really blowing, down some sort of seafront, huge waves crashing. It scares the shit out of me

Music: I like James and I like the Wonderstuff and I like Tom Jones' last track. I really like 'Nightswimming', REM, 'Automatic for the People' - that album I really like. Pulp, Mozart. I really liked ABC's 'Lexicon of Love'. Portishead

Clothing: I like these boots I got which lace up to the knee, which you get from women's boot shops, but I don't call them women's boot shops, I call them boot shops. I like grandad shirts and black Levi's, Oh and I've got this big red burgundy long coat. It's very swirly. Got it from Jigsaw

Designer: I've just started thinking I should look at designers. I like Vivienne Westwood's whole attitude. They seem to be for very skinny women. I don't think I could cross over, even though I believe in total clothing rights. I like Gaultier. I wear whatever I want, but certain things are going to work better than others

Cosmetic: I'm pretty expert on nail varnish. 2000 Calorie mascara. It's supposed to fatten up your eyelashes

Food & drink: Haagen Dasz ice cream, which I shouldn't eat and I try not to. I think I'm allergic to it. I like whiskey at the moment. Irish. Hot whiskey

Shops: I tend just to go into shops and hunt around. I like Hamleys. I go into tower Records a lot. I'd always buy things for the office to keep things going. Which is incredibly boring

Places: North of France, I like Normandy and I like Berlin, Paris, the Highlands of Scotland, Ireland and London

If I go South from Victoria on the train, that's quite weird because I sort of travel back into my past. A journey back in time

Buildings: I like the Tate Gallery when you're going along the South Bank. Even though I'm not into monarchy, it's impressive going down the Mall to Buck Palace. I do that drive just for the space and the white marble or whatever. It's the big streets

Villains: It's so boring but I'm really not into the Thatcher style. I think it was a really patronising time of bullshit in politics and business. Hire people, sack people. power, power, power. 'The people of Britain agree with me....' What gives you the right to say that, shithead?

Heroes: I have people I really admire. Heroes are dangerous because they've got to be human at some point. And if they're human they've got to fuck up at some point. I really like David Putnam

Films: I like 'Pulp Fiction', I really like 'Robin & Marian', 'Die Hard', 'Cinema Paradiso', I quite like 'Where Eagles Dare', 'The Great Escape'. I have about 50 or 60 films at home

Actors: Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Alan Rickman, Lindsey Duncan

Humourists: Gary Larson, Asterix, Python, Spike, Billy Connolly, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, Dave Letterman, Bill hicks, Groucho and the Marx Brothers

TV and radio: 'The Goons', 'Cheers' and 'Roseanne' all of the Hancock stuff, 'The Good Life' I liked. It was bizarre. What was the edge on that? The edge was that they were living out of his back garden. It was so middle England. There was one episode when Tom Good takes the piss out of this one guy who talks to his plants which is now a very positive '90's thing - this was someone who was digging up his own garden. I was in hysterics. I like 'Absolutely Fabulous', 'Harry Enfield, 'On the Hour', 'Have I got News for You?'

Books & authors: I don't read much because I take so long to read things. I'll catch up one day. This partial dyslexia thing. I just take ages to read. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' I really went for. I read lots of factual stuff. 'All The President's Men'. I'm very thinly read. Stacks of biographies. Melvyn Bragg on Richard Burton. I've read all about the Kennedy's - a fascinating study of hunger

Angered by: I'm angered by people forgetting what war does

Moved by: I really get moved by people winning races, by running really hard and coming from behind to win

Sports personality: Martina Navratilova. Because of what she had to overcome. She came out and she won over America. She was a great champion because she was so butch and mannish and she won over the world. She got respect, and she won that respect. It was difficult. She kept going out and fighting and she wasn't arsy about it. I really respect that

Words of wisdom: Enjoy the journey. Getting there isn't important, it's the journey.

Is it true he wants to do Macbeth on Broadway?
Eddie Izzard, the cross-dressing comic who scored big on Broadway last season in director Laurence Boswell's revival of Peter Nichols' "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg," has a follow-up venture planned for the New York theater in 2006: none other than "Macbeth."...

And the actor would like his co-star in "Joe Egg," Victoria Hamilton, to join him as Lady Macbeth, Izzard said Thursday, speaking at a lunchtime gathering of British comedians at London's Groucho Club. No producers or director have been named for the venture. Izzard has no prior experience acting Shakespeare, though he did appear several years ago in a production of Marlowe's "Edward II" at the Leicester Haymarket, north of London. The actor told Daily Variety he had only the fondest memories of his acclaimed run for the Roundabout Theater last spring as Bri, father to the disabled Joe Egg in Nichols' wounding play. "As a standup comedian, to be Tony nominated is reward itself," said Izzard. Brian Dennehy took home the statuette for "Long Day's Journey Into Night." "Brian was very supportive of me," said Izzard, whose penchant for transvestitism was acknowledged nationwide in an acceptance speech from Dennehy that, according to Izzard, "was misinterpreted." As for other stage shows in his future, Izzard pointed to an obvious one that lay in wait: "I've got to do 'The Rocky Horror Show' at some point in my career." The track record for recent New York and London productions of "Macbeth," meanwhile, has not been great, with Kelsey Grammer, Rufus Sewell and Sean Bean among those getting mixed to poor reviews on either side of the Atlantic in Shakespeare's tragedy. The Bean revival, at least, did strong business on London's West End, so the play may make greater sense commercially than it does critically. (Variety)

How the hell do I find anything on this site?
Cake or Death is split up into various areas which are easily accessed on just about every page. If you're looking for up to date info, check the GROOVY NEWS PAGE and the "RECENT SITE UPDATES" link on the welcome page. I try to keep that page updated as I add on new things to the website. I've also added a SITE MAP and a nifty little Search Engine. Simply enter a few keywords et voila!:


When will 'Dress to Kill' / 'Tales from the Crypt'/ Whose Line Is It Anyway'/ be shown on TV again?
Check the RECENT SITE UPDATES page and click the link for "MEDIA LISTINGS". This will list upcoming TV and radio appearances for both the US and the UK. Hopefully it will also have the next showing of Dress to Kill / Tales from the Crypt / Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Who are you and don't you have a life?
I'm just a girl with lots of friends who send me stuff and a decent set of research skills.

What happened to the Cake or Death Cabana?
The Powers That Be have asked that I take the CoD Cabana down because my merchandise was THAT GOOD (ha). But anyway, it was nice they let me cruise as long as they did. If you'd still like to support the site, feel free to leave a tip!


I often get asked about accepting contributions so I've set up a "Tip Jar" through Paypal as a safe and easy way to do so.


Contributions will go towards the upkeep of this site.


Don't see your question answered here? EMAIL ME and I'll add it to this list
(and hopefully have an answer for you as well).


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