Eddie Izzard is confident that controversial war thriller Valkyrie, in which he co-stars with Tom Cruise, can prove critics wrong and become a hit.

The film has faced setbacks including multiple release date changes, a lawsuit from injured extras and objections from the German government due to Cruise's faith in Scientology.

Speaking to DS at the National Movie Awards, Izzard said a recent test screening in the US had prompted studio United Artists to move the release date to a more favourable awards season slot.

He said: "We just tested it in Nevada about a month ago for people who didn't know [about it]. We said, 'Do you wanna see a film? No-one knows what's in it'. It tested really well - so suddenly it was going to go out in February and they brought it forward to December. I haven't seen it yet. I'm intrigued to see."

Izzard added: "As long as we get a good film, we'll be fine. Anything after that is gravy."

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