EVERY DAY (Releases: January 2011 (limited))
Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt play a married couple in turmoil as he plods along as the unsatisfied writer of a semi-pornographic TV show. Carla Gugino play a sexy colleague who propositions him, creating a crisis that strains his marriage to the breaking point. IMDB lists Eddie as playing "Garrett". IMDB

Every Day Is A Gift For Eddie Izzard
by Chris Hewitt | Empire

The cast of Richard Levine’s marital drama, Every Day, just became officially eclectic, with the news that Eddie Izzard and Brian Dennehy have signed on to join Carla Gugino, Helen Hunt and spellcheck nemesis Liev Schreiber. The film, which is also written by debutante director Levine, is about the strife hitting a married couple (Schreiber and Hunt) when he’s tempted by Gugino’s minxy co-worker. Dennehy, who’s Mr. Reliable, will play a character called Ernie, while Izzard will play someone called Garrett. Not sure how they figure into the plot, though. Sorry.

Still, our interest is always piqued by the presence of Izzard, whose early attempts at acting, in the likes of The Avengers and Mystery Men, were pretty awful. Since then, though, the comic genius has become a fine supporting actor in the likes of Ocean’s Thirteen and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. He’s yet to find a role tailored for his unique comic talents, though – we’re guessing that this serious drama won’t be it.

Izzard, Dennehy join 'Every Day'
Duo added to Richard Levine-directed drama By MICHAEL FLEMING | Variety

Eddie Izzard and Brian Dennehy have joined Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt and Carla Gugino in "Every Day," the Richard Levine-directed drama that is shooting in New York. Schreiber and Hunt star as a married couple in turmoil, and Gugino plays a co-worker who tempts him. Levine, a "Nip/Tuck" vet who's making his feature directing debut, wrote the script. Miranda Bailey and Matthew Leutwyler are producing through Ambush Entertainment. Cold Iron Pictures is the sole financier on the film. Izzard will next be seen in "Valkyrie" and then stars in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Dennehy just completed "Miss January" with Kim Cattrall.


From Variety's story on election bashes in NY: "Izzard, who just finished lensing
"Every Day" in Brooklyn the day before, opted to stay in the States for the big day." (thanks Annette)




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