Puzzle by Linda M.

Eddie has invited the 15 guests listed to an evening of scintillating conversation. He has given you the task of putting the place card for each guest where they will be seated. Being the control freak that he is, he has given 11 clues to help you determine where all will be seated.



Buzz Aldrin  
Darth Vader  
Engelbert H.  
Henry VIII  
Leo. Da Vinci  
Neil Armstrong  
Pliny the Younger  
Pope John Paul  
Prince Philip  
Queen Victoria  
Saint Paul  


  • The guest in seat 6 will be seated directly across from an ex-coworker.
  • The only queen and king will sit on the two long sides and neither will be next to a corner
  • Eddie thought it would be clever to put the two guests who share a name together in seats 12 and 13.
  • Vader, Armstrong, Socrates and Humperdink all have corners to their immediate right.
  • A royal is seated to the left of an astronaut and is also directly across from someone with a vulnerable body part.
  • St. Paul will perhaps be upset that he didn't get a corner seat like he requested but may be delighted that he's next to someone else who also suffered persecution for their beliefs.
  • The person who'll sit in seat 9 will probably get tired of being asked why he changed his name, but having a King to his left will more than make up for that.
  • The one who was persecuted by Pope Shit for Brains will be seated directly across from the host and will have the only biblical character to his left.
  • The guest in Seat 1 will no doubt be fascinated by the guest to his right and ask him lots of questions (for which he is known).
  • Eddie is hoping the painter who loves the stipple effect won't be too embarrassed by the fact that the guest on his right has tape on his mouth or be too creeped out by the one sitting directly across from him wearing all black, no doubt.
  • The painter of "Happily Lisa" will be pleased to have a famous letterwriter on his left.




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