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The continuing criminal exploits of Danny Ocean and his crew of crooks.

George Clooney .... Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt .... Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon .... Linus Caldwell
Ellen Barkin ... Abigail Spooner
Bernie Mac .... Frank Catton
Casey Affleck .... Virgil Malloy
Scott Caan .... Turk Malloy
Elliott Gould .... Reuben Tishkoff
Shaobo Qin .... Yen
Don Cheadle .... Basher Tarr
Eddie Jemison .... Livingston Dell
Andy Garcia .... Terry Benedict
Scott L. Schwartz .... Bruiser
Carl Reiner .... Saul Bloom
Eddie Izzard .... Roman Nagel

Australia 7 June 2007
Germany 7 June 2007
Israel 7 June 2007
UK 8 June 2007
USA 8 June 2007
Argentina 14 June 2007
Netherlands 14 June 2007
Belgium 20 June 2007
France 20 June 2007
Poland 22 June 2007
Denmark 28
June 2007
Finland 29 June 2007


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"One of the fresh faces this time around is Eddie Izzard. In an inspired piece of casting, he plays a new type of villain - one who works with a laptop rather than dynamite. As he tries to explain a computerised security system to Clooney and Pitt it's clear they've become yesterday's men. Izzard praises them as the Morecambe and Wise of the thieving world, but reminds them that even Eric and Ernie went off the boil. Any other director would run a mile from a line that will probably have half the world's non-British population scratching their heads and muttering "Eric and Ernie Who?" Soderbergh is fine with it. You're either in this uber-cool gang, or you want to be. It's the vibe, remember..." REST OF ARTICLE

According to a reliable source (I love saying that), Eddie filmed his scenes in Oceans 13 on the Warner lot in Burbank on August 31st.

OCEANS 96 (from The Independent) Try as he might, Eddie Izzard just can't seem to get a decent run on the Hollywood treadmill. The cross-dressing comedian has been a star on the stand-up circuit over the years, but is still looking for his first big film break. Izzard's big chance came a couple of years ago when he was offered the chance to appear in the blockbuster Ocean's Twelve, only to discover his role was reduced to a walk-on part. Now, he's hoping the film's sequel might fare better. "George Clooney told me he was making another Ocean's film, so I agreed to be in it, even though I haven't read the script," Izzard tells me. "I only had two scenes in Ocean's Twelve, so maybe by the time I make Ocean's Ninety-Six, I'll have 184 scenes"




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