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(updated 11/17/05)

QUESTION #1: Eddie says he invented a helicopter. What was different about his helicopter? (submitted by Rob)


QUESTION #2: Who is head of catering on the Death Star? (submitted by Robin)

QUESTION #3: What did Eddie's tattoo say in "40"? (submitted by Charlene)


QUESTION #4: According to Eddie in Circle, what do Protestants use to keep flies off?
(submitted by Rob)


QUESTION #5: According to Eddie, what's Dr. Pavlov's first name?


QUESTION #6: In Definite Article, what does Eddie think you should do at least once in your life?


QUESTION #7: What does Eddie reckon the three bones in the ear are called? (submitted by Tracey)


QUESTION #8: According to Eddie, what is the first rule of genetics?


QUESTION #9: What did the Three Wise Men bring Baby G for his birthday?


QUESTION #10: What are you not supposed to put in a toaster?(submitted by Westfarmwjb)


QUESTION #11: What do the daleks chant in live at the ambassadors? (submitted by Tracey)


QUESTION #12: According to Circle, if your sword [shall] sleep in your hand, you're gonna roll over and do what?(submitted by Rob)


QUESTION #13: What bus do the strange people get on in Live at the Ambassadors? (submitted by Tracey)


QUESTION #14: During his street performing days, what did Virgin Atlantic say to Eddie and his partner when they auditioned their knife-throwing act as part of Virgin's in-flight entertainment?


QUESTION #15: As a kid, what type of books did Eddie like to read?


QUESTION #16: What is an "Izzard" (Isard)?


QUESTION #17: According to Eddie, Daleks would make very good:


QUESTION #18: Using Old English in Mongrel Nation, Eddie successfully bargained for:


QUESTION #19: As one of the Four Yorkshiremen, Eddie’s dad would thrash him with


QUESTION #20: In The Cat’s Meow, Eddie plays a sexy version of this game


QUESTION #21: In Mongrel Nation, what does Eddie get in exchange for some warm sox?


QUESTION #22: Before the Romans invaded Britain, most people ate...


QUESTION #23: What dance does Eddie do in The Cat’s Meow?


QUESTION #24: What did Sharon Osborne say when she introduced Eddie on her show? “You might not know this about Eddie, but he...


QUESTION #25: What was Ralph, Eddie’s character in “40” addicted to?


QUESTION #26: In Blueberry, Eddie plays


QUESTION #27: Long before Eddie’s bio “Dress to Kill” came out, he pretended to have this autobiography.


QUESTION #28: According to Eddie, people move to Eastbourne when they retire. They move to Bexhill when


QUESTION #29: When Eddie was raised by wolves, they named him


QUESTION #30: What did Eddie’s wolf pack do every day?


QUESTION #31: How did Mrs. Stevens, Eddie’s elderly gang member, die?


QUESTION #32: In Eddie’s take on the gifts of the Magi, what is the modern equivalent of frankincense?


QUESTION #33: In Eddie’s world, which of these is not available in The Body Shop?


QUESTION #34: What's Eddie's shoe size? (submitted by Abraxas)


QUESTION #35: At what speed are whales travelling? (submitted by Abraxas)


QUESTION #36: What do squirrels ponder as they pause while they're eating nuts? (submitted by Emily)


QUESTION #37: In Sexie, why does superman wear his underwear on the outside? (submitted by IloveJohnnyDepp)


QUESTION #38: What did Eddie's character do in the movie, "Circus"? (submitted by NJackson)


QUESTION #39: In 'A Day in the Death of Joe Egg' what is the profession of the character Eddie plays? (submitted by Tracy)


QUESTION #40: What character did Eddie play in Across the Universe? (submitted by Libby)


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