Rage is now available for PRE-ORDER through Amazon. This title will be released on November 24, 2009.


Seven days, fourteen characters, a schoolboy and his website. An accident, a murder and a crisis in New York’s fashion industry. Broken dreams, bitter conflict and secret confessions: Sally Potter’s film is a tragicomedy about the effects of globalisation in the age of information. Over seven days, Michelangelo, a young blogger, shoots behind-the-scenes interviews on his cell-phone at a New York fashion house while Merlin, a designer of Middle-Eastern origin, prepares to show his latest collection. Interviews with a group of people including Minx (a celebrity supermodel), Tiny Diamonds (the financial backer), Anita de Los Angeles (a seamstress), Vijay (who delivers pizzas), Frank (a war photographer) and Mona Carvell (a critic), build a bitterly funny exposé of an industry in crisis as the effects of globalization and a faltering economy polarize working conditions and produce an ever-increasing gap between appearance and reality. Meanwhile Michelangelo becomes the person everyone turns to: when the death of a model on the runway becomes a murder investigation, the interviews become confessionals. A world which fetishises appearance over humanity turns upside down under the quiet gaze of a child armed only with the tools of his generation: the internet and the cell-phone.

SUMMARY: An expose of the lives of employees at a New York fashion house, “Rage” is shot in cell-phone style over the space of seven days as an accident on a fashion show runway sparks a murder investigation. This production is in post-production.

IMDB lists Eddie as playing "Tiny Diamonds". IMDB




Potter’s “Rage” Finds Unique Home
by Peter Knegt (Updated 3 hours, 25 minutes ago)


Independent web TV service Babelgum and Cinetic Rights Management have announced a unique deal for multi-territory online and mobile release for Sally Potter’s “Rage,” timed to coincide with traditional media release worldwide. 

The film, which stars Simon Abkarian, Steve Buscemi, Lily Cole, Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Jude Law, John Leguizamo and Dianne Wiest, premiered at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival and will be released by Babelgum online and via mobile through the Fall/Winter of 2009. Set at a New York fashion house, it focuses on a young blogger shooting behind-the-scenes interviews on his cell-phone with a diverse mix of people - including a celebrity supermodel, a seamstress, a man who delivers pizzas, and a war photographer.

“We always wanted to incorporate new media platforms into our release strategy,” director Sally Potter and producers Christopher Sheppard and Andrew Fierberg jointly said in a statement. “We worked closely with CRM to find the most appropriate and novel approach to take the film to both new and traditional film audiences and we are delighted with the partnership set up with Babelgum, who we see as a true partner in crafting an innovative distribution approach.”

Babelgum will be releasing the film as a series of episodes, timed to coincide with the film’s release in each territory. Additionally, Babelgum offers a dual platform approach on both broadband and mobile with its custom tailored programming for smart phones in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy.

“We are thrilled to be working with CRM, and to partner with the filmmakers, on this revolutionary deal for the rollout of ‘Rage,’” Babelgum’s Karol-Martesko Fenster, stated. “It highlights the true potential of online and mobile acting as complementary platforms in an overall distribution strategy. Babelgum’s exclusive premiere of ‘Rage’ reaffirms our mission to be the leading online and mobile destination for timely and cutting-edge independent film.”

“‘Rage’ features a series of interviews with people involved in a fashion show that are filmed as if they were shot on a mobile phone, so it is a film perfectly suited to new distribution platforms,” said Janet Brown, COO of Cinetic Rights Management, in a statement.  “This deal highlights the steady and accelerating growth of digital platforms and the ability of a smart digital strategy to garner both eyeballs and revenue in a very real way.”



Rage will premiere at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival. The Berlinale kicks off on February 5th and continues through February 15th next year in the German capital.







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