"I’ve posed to the heads of FX and TBS that we want to make a film. And they said, “Right, we’ll support you.” "Eddie hopes to raise finances for the silver screen version of The Riches on the Internet. He also wants to make it a “road move, shooting in Louisiana and New Mexico, everywhere that they steal,” he exclaims. “We’ll do it by the skin on our teeth.” (from OK Magazine)


Todd clarifies what he posted previously:

"First I want to thank you folks for the passionate support for our show. We love doing it and are eager to make more! If you have not had a chance to see it head over to hulu.com and check it out. Also we are available for download on itunes and Amazon. Season one is out on DVD. Again nothing official has been decided, we are definitely in the mix. Eddie always toasts to seven seasons, I raise my glass along side him! So thanks again for the support. Sincerely Todd"

(Previous Post)

"Here's the stitch. I believe I'm hearing the sputtering death rattle of the Riches. No official word has come down and that's part of the problem. We did not perform well ratings wise. That, I'm assuming makes it a hard case to justify a third season pick up. Sigh. Critically we did amazingly but it did not translate into eyeballs. The mutterings that I'm hearing are not in favor of a pick up. All this is fine but the libra in me needs more finality. I'm like the man who has moved out but his wife won't sign the divorce papers just yet. So it's making it hard to remarry. I'm in the mix for some really good projects but the sticky wicket of "nothing official" is delaying fruition. Anyway. high class problems."




Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves: An Evening with The Riches Friday, April 18, 2008; 7:00 pm at the Paley Center for Media

Now in its second season, FX's The Riches takes a satirical look at the American need for self-improvement and upward mobility while mining the full horror—and darkly comedic potential—of those identity theft warnings that accompany your monthly bank statement. Gonzo comic Eddie Izzard and critical darling Minnie Driver are Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, Irish-American gypsies working grifts and cons in the Deep South who appropriate the surname of the recently deceased, well-to-do Riches, thereby trading in their mobile home for a McMansion. But in their ploy for the American Dream, the Malloys come to realize that life in suburbia may be the biggest scam of all. Join the actors and writers of The Riches as they regale us "buffers" (i.e., nontravelers) with their tales.

In Person: Minnie Driver, "Dahlia Malloy"; Eddie Izzard, "Wayne Malloy"; Cast and creative team

Update: A highlights report from Maria posted at THE TREEHOUSE (thanks Maria!):

  • "The Riches" was always intended for cable because (according to Eddie) "We wanted to say sh*t a lot!"
  • Eddie took the role of Wayne because he wanted to do drama and break away from comedy, in a Bill Murray/Hugh Laurie kind of way.
  • The explanation for Wayne's lack of Southern accent is "he's from elsewhere and got into the family as a teenager."
  • The role of the transvestite son in the show was created even before Eddie joined the cast.
  • Aidan (who plays Sam) said his interpretation of Sam's transvestism is inspired by Eddie, "because he's an action transvestite like you."
  • Eddie does have input about what the transvestite son is wearing. ("A transvestite child would NEVER wear flats!")
  • When asked about his upcoming tour, Eddie said he'd planned "to be on the road about two months, and suddenly it got longer. I don't know how that happened!"

And now for my question - were he ever given the chance, would he play the role of The Doctor on "Doctor Who"? "Well, I've been watching it with David Tennant and he's very good, isn't he?" (At this point, he looked at Minnie Driver, sitting next to him, and she went, "Yes... he's rather big eyed!") "So, before him, I would have said no, and when they were talking about bringing it back Tom Baker (who played the Fourth incarnation of The Doctor) threw my name into the BBC hat, and the BBC *makes spitting motion* spat it back out. They wouldn't even consider it! But now, after seeing David do it, I'd consider it, because they've made it so that the sci-fi/special effects part is just a touch and so it's great. Back in the day, there were a lot of clattering, rolling sets and I used to watch it from behind the sofa because I was so scared... I'm pretty sure I've missed lots of things on those episodes. But yeah, seeing what David Tennant has done, I'd consider it."




Fx officially announced that The Riches" will return next year. The season ender will be June 4.

FX Unveils 'Damages' With Close

FX is expected to renew its newest series, Dirt and The Riches, bringing the number of original dramas on the network's prime time schedule to six.

"We're really happy with the performance of Dirt and The Riches, and I expect them to return," said John Landgraf, president and general manager, FX Networks, before an upfront screening of FX's latest drama, the Glenn Close legal thriller, Damages.

Landgraf added that when each show's cumulative ratings are tallied up––FX programs three weekly repeat episodes of each of its original premieres––both series have delivered ratings on a par with older hits like Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck.

In order to set the table for the Damages screening, Landgraf offered a précis of the last six years at the network, pointing out that since 2001, FX has grown from the twelfth most-watched cable channel among adults 18-49 to its present perch, at fourth place.

Set to premiere in July, Damages stars Close as the formidable litigator Patty Hewes. The actress has worked with FX in the recent past, having played the role of Capt. Monica Rawling throughout season four of The Shield (2005). Landraf said the legal genre has been a tough nut for FX to crack, estimating that since coming aboard in 2004, he's looked at more than 20 different scripts before Damages crossed his desk.

While Landgraf praised the pilot's intricate storyline and whiplash plot reversals, he acknowledged that even the renowned Close could pose a few challenges as the series' star. "We had questions about putting a 50-something actress in the lead role, and how that might jibe with the FX brand."

(Close is actually 60.)

Those initial worries aside, it appears that Close and FX are a match. According to Landgraf, 81 percent of the preview audience that screened the pilot earlier this year said that Damages would best jibe with the FX brand, beating out all other networks, including HBO, TNT and USA.

Moreover, FX isn't just a boys' club anymore. Of the overall ratings growth the network has seen over the last five years, 54 percent of the viewership gains can be chalked up to a female-skewing audience drawn in by shows like Nip/Tuck and Dirt.

That said, when The Shield finally retires next year after seven seasons on the job, FX will look to do another male-skewing cop show, Landgraf said.


Showcase is preparing to premiere two series that have already earned sizable audiences on their home turfs in the U.K. and the U.S. -- starting with the FX hit The Riches.

The series, premiering on the cable channel's Wednesday 10 p.m. ET timeslot on May 9, casts Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in a family of traveling con artists who try to come off as a normal, well-to-do family. The 13-episode series earned favorable reviews when it premiered in the U.S. last month, and viewers liked it, too. The Riches shot immediately up the list to become FX's second highest rated series, earning 2.5 million viewers 18-49 (3.8 million total). (From Playback Magazine)


fx is running a marthon of all of The Riches episodes so far with limited commercial interruptions on Friday, April 13th.


"Channel 4, Five and Sky One are all believed to be bidding for the UK rights to screen the show, probably later this year."

"FX may have yet another hit on its hands with the Eddie Izzard vehicle, The Riches, as the Monday night premiere drew 3.8 million total viewers and 2.52 million adults 18-49 in its 10 p.m. time slot.

When the 11 p.m. encore presentation of The Riches was factored into the overall ratings equation, FX lured a cumulative audience of 5.2 million viewers and 3.3 million adults 18-49.

The Riches stands as FX’s first series to premiere on a Monday night. The network generally favors Tuesday night as a proving ground for its original dramas, which include The Shield, Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck.

The 2.52 million members of the core demo who tuned in to The Riches represent the second largest A18-49 audience for a series premiere in FX history." (From Mediaweek)

MR. ED (from the Minnesota Star Tribune)

Most days on the TCA press tour conclude with a cocktail party for critics and celebrities to mingle, which sounds like a glamorous opportunity. It's actually work, both for the critics, who must pretend to be interested in the eighth runner-up on "America's Next Top Model," and for the stars, who momentarily try to pretend they're "one of us." But it was a genuine joy to spend time with comedian/actor Eddie Izzard, star of the FX series' "The Riches." (We'll provide an in-depth review closer to its March debut, but get excited about this show. Now.) What started as a casual introduction stretched into a three-hour conversation, in which Izzard sat down at a piano for a few numbers, pushed aside some chairs to perform a Charlie Chaplin routine and made a post-midnight visit to a critics' suite party, which is a little like Roger Clemens popping by a T-ball game. Maybe superstars aren't so bad after all.

FX Sets A Date for The Riches

FX has set March 12 as the premiere date for its new Eddie Izzard/Minnie Driver drama The Riches. The show will run at 10 p.m. with limited commercials through a sponsorship deal with The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films' upcoming movie Grindhouse. 13 episodes of The Riches will run Mondays at 10 p.m. through June 4. The show stars Izzard and Driver as gypsies from rural Louisiana who go on the run with their three children after stealing money from extended family. The duo steal the identities of an average couple to try live a "normal" life in suburbia. Weinstein and Dimension will run commercials for double-feature film "Grindhouse" during three breaks in the Riches premiere. The first break is slated to be two and a half minutes and the last two will be two minutes each. FX has used the single-sponsor, limited commercial strategy with its originals before, in September premiering Nip/Tuck with limited ads by exclusive sponsor Sony. March 12 is something of a momentous date for FX; the network premiered its hit original The Shield on that date in 2002.

(From the Mercury News)

It's a little early on the press tour to be talking about the shows getting the most buzz. But at least a couple already are attracting some attention: FX's ``The Riches'' is a series, coming in March, about Irish grifters, starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, while Lifetime's ``State of Mind'' is a summer comedy-drama about a divorce lawyer with marriage problems of her own. The latter, which stars the marvelous Lili Taylor, looks to have a lot more edge than your traditional Lifetime series.


...As Landgraf tucks into his colossal meat dish, the primary ingredient of which appears to be some particularly tasty genus of bison, he picks up an earlier thread about the second drama that's being developed for next year, the iconoclastic striver's fable, The Riches. Starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, The Riches is about a family of nomads (Travelers) who try to go straight in the suburbs after a series of events leads them to believe that it's time they give up the road for a lunge at the brass ring. (Or as Izzard lays it out in the pilot episode: "The American Dream … We're going to steal it.") The pilot is unlike anything on television, suffused as it is with a heady mix of antic mirth and grim fatalism. It also looks like it could prove to be an exceedingly difficult series to pitch to both viewers and advertisers, although Landgraf says his best marketing heads are beginning to take a crack at it. "We think The Riches is something new and really original, and we knew it was going to be a challenge when we picked the show up," Landgraf says. "And if it doesn't have the kind of natural allure that Dirt has, I have no illusions that the show won't sell, because it's really good." When asked if The Riches might prove to be too much of a leap for viewers weaned on a steady diet of procedurals and lawyer shows, Landgraf suggests that the FX brand is all about delivering the unexpected. "Our audience comes to us because they want to be surprised," he says. "They want to be taken on that roller-coaster ride where the next rise or fall is never in clear view."    READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

STORY LINE: Wayne, a con man and member of the Travellers, an underground criminal fellowship whose antecedents stem back generations, is fed up with his empty life. When Dale, his hated rival, jockeys for control of the Malone clan, Wayne steals from the family coffers and lights out for the high road with his wife DAHLIA, recently released from prison, and their three kids. En route, they see an affluent couple die in car crash on a remote highway. Wayne decides to pre-empt the lives of the dead couple, and he and his family settle in an affluent suburban community, where their previous identities are unknown. Now, they must act like the "buffers" (i.e. law abiding citizens) that they have typically victimized -- and going suddenly straight presents a unique set of pressures and challenges. Added to their difficult period of adjustment, Wayne must also keep a weather eye out for the vengeful Dale, who is intent upon vengeance, whatever it takes. Complications arise when Wayne, whose new alter-ego was a top-flight attorney, must interview for a job at a prestigious local law firm. Meanwhile, Dahlia battles a cough syrup addiction and butts heads with the elitist head of the local neighborhood association...

The Riches Go Into Production

An early December production start has been set for "The Riches" -- as in the FX series in which Eddie Izzard stars as an Irish-American grifter who, with his ex-con wife (Minnie Driver), seizes the opportunity to swap identities with a wealthy couple they find dead in a car crash. Izzard is among the exec-producers of the show, the pilot of which had to undergo reshoots. Formerly titled "Lowlife," it also got a new name. The extra tinkering could be worth it. The criminally minded couple unleash themselves in the upscale neighborhood to which their stolen ID counterparts were moving. He must pose as an attorney and she must deal with pretentious neighbor women, even while she attempts to hide her addiction to cough syrup. Izzard says one of the big attractions for him to take on the cable series is that it required only a five-month-per-season time commitment. He still has seven months a year to do other things.

'Riches' mines Traveller phenomenon

There goes the neighborhood. An upcoming FX drama, The Riches, focuses on a family of Travellers, a nomadic group with roots in Ireland, who assume the identities of an affluent family in Louisiana. Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, played by Eddie Izzard (Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill) and Minnie Driver (Return to Me), are con artists who get itchy with the concept of establishing roots. Shooting starts in December, with a spring premiere planned. Driver, of Irish heritage, says the Traveller culture, often associated with grifting and other crimes, is private, and they believe they are misunderstood. "We're the image they're trying to clean up. We're full-blown con people," says Driver, whose character has done time. The willowy actress lost 15 pounds playing Dahlia, who has a history of drug use. Driver was drawn to the script by playwright Dmitry Lipkin, because it "says an enormous amount with very few words," vs. TV's trend of "quick-fire, clever banter." She likes the show's complexity, too, saying the family loves each other despite its practices. "You can still care about people who don't necessarily follow the morally good or righteous" way.

Green light for US TV show

Eddie Izzard’s American TV career is taking off, as his new crime drama has been commissioned for a 13-episode series. The FX channel has given the green light to The Riches, following a successful pilot ordered in December. Originally called Lowlife, the show co-stars Minnie Driver as Izzard’s wife. The pair are con artists who find an upper-middle-class family killed in a car accident, and assume their identities in the suburbs. Production should start in December, with the series due to launch on the Fox-owned cable channel next summer. FX chief John Landgraf sent the fist cut of the pilot back for re-shoots to lighten the show's tone. The Riches will be the first family drama for FX, but Landgraf said: ‘albeit a show and a family unlike any television viewers have seen before’. He added: ‘Izzard is a world-class comedian and here people will see he's a world-class actor.’ Izzard said: '‘I am thrilled, this is the part I have been waiting for all my life ' The show depicts Izzard’s character Wayne Malloy starting his new life with wife Dahlia lead and their three children, after she is released from a two-year prison stint and battles a drug habit. The comic is also one of the six executive producers on the show.


FX has picked up British comedian Eddie Izzard's new drama for 13 episodes, a network spokesman confirmed. With a working title of "The Riches" (formerly "Low Life"), the series stars Mr. Izzard and Minnie Driver as the parents of con-artist family. When they find another family killed in a car accident, Mr. Izzard's clan assumes their identities and settles down in the suburbs. The pilot order was announced in December. FX President and General Manager John Landgraf sent the first cut back for re-shoots to lighten the show's tone. "The Riches" will be the first family drama for FX, a channel known for its dark anti-heroes. "It's going to be a TVMA show, so I hesitate to call it a family show," Mr. Landgraf said. "But it's a show about a family and very funny. Izzard is a world-class comedian and here people will see he's a world-class actor." "The Riches" was created by playwright Dmitry Lipkin, who wrote the pilot episode and will executive produce along with Mr. Izzard The series will debut in second quarter of 2007. Courtney Cox's tabloid news drama "Dirt' will debut on FX in the first quarter.


FX is considering a pilot about a family of grifters, starring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard, for March, 2007.

From the Sunday Times

Eddie Izzard is in Los Angeles, refining his next big show at the Coronet Theater. The other reason behind his extended sojourn in La-La land is Izzard — the TV series. Izzard and Minnie Driver are filming Low Life, about crooks who assume the identity of an upper-class family and wreak mayhem in a posh Louisiana housing estate. The audience test pilot will be broadcast on cable this summer. Izzard has succeeded where so many others, such as Elvis Costello, who worked on a teen musical for Warner Bros TV, were worn out. But after that? Only 10% of pilots become a series, and 70% of those do not make it to the end of the first season. For every Lost, hundreds end up, well, lost. Let’s hope the US networks realise they have something special with Izzard and allow him to shine.


Local theater veteran and Pastorini-Bosby talent Jason Douglas is back in town after wrapping filming in New Orleans for Lowlife, an FX pilot that is expected to go to series. Our guy would have a recurring role in the saga about America's so-called "Irish travelers" who move from place to place, often assuming new identities. Lowlife stars Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. The program is being produced by Madonna's Maverick Productions and is expected to air later this year.

Minnie Driver, New Irish Gypsy

By Sean O’Driscoll

OSCAR nominee Minnie Driver is to play opposite hip British comedian Eddie Izzard in a new FX television series about Irish travelers.

The pair will star in Lowlife, about a husband and wife, Wayne and Dahlia, who spent their youth in the U.S. pulling cons with a group of Irish travelers, or gypsies.

After Dahlia is released from prison, she, Wayne and their three kids move to suburbia where they battle to live a normal life while trying to escape their former friends.

The pair, living in Louisiana, decide to change their lives after Izzard, playing Irish traveler Wayne Malone, is struck by a crisis of conscience.

Izzard is writing the script and the series is co-produced by Maverick TV, Madonna’s production company. The series is the first co-produced drama for FX, which has produced other adult shows such as Nip/ Tuck, the plastic surgery soap, and The Shield, a drama about Los Angeles police corruption.

Driver, who was nominated for an Oscar for 1997’s Good Will Hunting, is learning about Irish travelers before filming begins in New Orleans, which is to double for Baton Rouge, where the series is set.

It’s hardly the British actress’s first brush with Irishness. She first came to attention after starring in the 1995 film adaptation of Irish novelist Maeve Binchy’s best-selling novel Circle of Friends.

“It’s a show about a family and a show about America through the prism of so-called outsiders of normal American culture that infiltrate suburban life,” said John Landgraf, president of FX Networks in a statement.

FX defended the series and said it was not trying to stereotype Irish travelers.

It said the characters were “very richly created and multidimensional. They are very complex and flawed characters,” he said.

“If this does go to series I am sure some viewers will be educated about Irish travelers, who they will not have heard about. We like to bring different facets of this country to other people. Our main duty as a network is to entertain our viewers and Lowlife is very smart.”

The network is known for taking risks and this year is showing a quirky Arrested Development-style series about life in an Irish bar called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


We were supposed to chat this morning, but your schedule has been crammed. What have you been up to today? I did The View this morning, then I had other interviews. Then I had to practice yoga in the middle of it, because I have to practice every single day, otherwise I go mad. And then I had meetings about the dialect (for) this TV show that I'm doing. I've got to do, like, a Florida accent, so I'm learning that.

And how exactly do you speak with a Florida accent? Oh, it just sounds like the South -- you don't turn the "O" quite so much. I don't know, it's weird. It sounds like the South to me.

So tell me more about Lowlife, this new FX pilot you're doing with Eddie Izzard. It's about Irish travelers living in America, who are kind of con men and women. Drifters. And I'm getting out of jail -- I'm a methamphetamine addict -- and we kind of go on the run and assume the identity of a family who dies. You can't call them gypsies, they're travelers, but their accent is really picked up from the areas they frequent, and most of the travelers living in the U.S. today live in the South.

And I hear you'll be shooting it in New Orleans. Yeah, March 1. There's about four movies shooting there at the moment, and there's a lot of people working down there. It's kind of great.

I think there's a good chance it will become a series, don't you? It's weird, because it's not the same as networks. With networks, they make a ton of pilots and then they only make a few (series). But cable channels, really, the stuff that they develop they usually end up making. I mean, it would have to be a real mess, which I don't think it will be, because Carl Franklin is too brilliant a director and Eddie's so good.

So what made you decide to try a TV series? Was it purely the script, or were you looking for a more regular gig? God, no, I could care less about what the medium is -- I'm just looking for good work. I mean any actor that significantly says, "I just wanna be a movie star," it's like, that's a huge thing they're missing. I just want good parts, and the greatest part that has been offered to me in recent years was this one for FX. You know, straight out of the bat, I would do (Lowlife) on any day of the week in any format, because it is a brilliant, brilliant role and it's so far from who I am. It's probably gonna be the most challenging thing I've ever done. So yeah, making TV when you're out on location and stuff, it's like making a movie, except quicker. You've only got a week or two weeks to shoot each episode.



Movie filming to close La. 3160
Through traffic will be banned Sunday Saturday, March 04, 2006

River Parishes bureau Louisiana 3160 in Hahnville will be closed to through traffic on Sunday from 6 a.m. to dusk for filming of a movie for the Fox network. The scene, which involves a car crash, is to be included in the 20th Century Fox pilot "Low Lifes." Scenes from the movie, starring Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard, also are being shot in Orleans, Jefferson, St. James and Iberville parishes, location manager Wise Wolfe said. None of the stars will be on the set. "It's going to be done with dummies and cables and pulleys," Wolfe said. Residents who must use 3160, also known as Home Place Road, to get to and from their homes will be allowed to pass, although the road will be limited to one-way traffic, Wolfe said.


LOW LIFE (FX) - Margo Martindale (CBS's "Silver Bells"), Shannon Woodward (a recent guest on "Cold Case"), newcomer Aidan Mitchell and Noel Fisher (Sam Johnson on "Huff") have all joined the cast of the drama pilot, about a family of grifters (headed by Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver) who take the identity of an upper-middle-class suburban family in Louisiana. Woodward and Mitchell are set as two of the couple's kids while Martindale will play one of their neighbors. Fisher's character wasn't specified. Fox Television Studios, Maverick Television and FX Productions are behind the hour, which Carl Franklin is directing from a script by Dmitry Lipkin. Izzard, Mark Morgan, Guy Oseary and Michael Rosenberg also serve as executive producers.


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Minnie Driver will star opposite Eddie Izzard in FX's drama pilot "Lowlife."

They will play Wayne and Dahlia, a husband-and-wife duo of traveling con artists who, along with their three kids, wander the country in a group of Irish Travelers who live off the grid.

After Dahlia's release from prison, where she battled her drug addiction, the family decides to join the society and settle down in a suburban community.

Because Wayne and Dahlia are the central characters in the project, which centers on their marriage, finding the right co-star for Izzard was crucial, FX Networks president and general manager John Landgraf said.

"Its a very complicated marriage, and both characters are really strong, so we needed two actors who are perfectly matched up and can hold their own," he said.

"Lowlife" marks the first drama project that FX co-produces. The network already produces unscripted and comedy series, including "30 Days," the upcoming "Black. White." and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Production on the pilot is slated to begin in early March in New Orleans, which will double for Baton Rouge, La., where the show is set. Carl Franklin ("Devil in a Blue Dress") will direct.

Driver, an Oscar nominee for her role in the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting," most recently appeared in Joel Schumacher's "The Phantom of the Opera."


FX sure knows how to pick ‘em. They’ve got “Nip/Tuck,” Denis Leary, and now they are adding to their repertoire. The Hollywood Reporter says that the cable network has signed English comedian Eddie Izzard to star in the drama “Low Life.”

The show has Izzard playing father to a family of traveling con artists, who decides to settle down into a semi-normal life in suburbia. "Low Life" is the first FX pilot to feature a family front-and-center. Izzard will play the father of a family of traveling con artists who, after hitting a spiritual and midlife crisis, settles down with his wife and kids in a suburban community. "It's a show about a family and a show about America through the prism of so-called outsiders of normal American culture that infiltrate suburban life," said John Landgraf, FX's president and general manager.

The other is "Dirt," from executive producers Courteney Cox and David Arquette. FX plans to pick up at least one of the pilots to series, to premiere in late summer. If both shows make the cut, the second series would premiere in early 2007.

(From ContactMusic.com) Pop superstar MADONNA has teamed up with British comedian EDDIE IZZARD to make a new TV drama. The MATERIAL GIRL will produce, and possibly appear, in the show - about an Irish conman (Izzard) who tricks the residents of Baton Rouge, in America's deep south. The transvestite comic explains, "It's very dark and sinister. It's a cracking script, but so far we're only on the pilot, so I don't know whether she's going to appear in it herself."
(From BBC Radio 1) Eddie Izzard told us he's about to film a TV pilot in the States about an Irish family. It's being made by Madonna's Maverick company but Eddie says she won't be hands on:
"I don't think she comes in and says 'I think we should do this'."
"She does her thing and it's her company. She obviously encourages stuff to happen that's hopefully left field and interesting."

"This is an interesting idea and that's why I went for it. So we will see."


Izzard takes series turn


Emmy winner Eddie Izzard -- whose HBO special "Dress to Kill" remains a cult fave -- will try his hand at series TV, signing on to star in a dark comedy pilot for FX.

Untitled project will feature Izzard (most recently seen in "Ocean's Twelve") as the patriarch of an Irish family that moves to the southern U.S. and sets out to con the community.

Russian playwright Dmitry Lipkin ("Baton Rouge," "Cranes") will create and write the hour long pilot. Maverick TV is on board to produce. READ MORE (thanks Teri)





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