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"... the casting of Eddie Izzard as G-Girl's arch-nemesis, Dr. Bedlam. Perpetually distracted and supremely arrogant, he's also low-key, witty and beset by his own fidgety demons, not to mention idiosyncrasies (he keeps his greatest weapon against G-Girl, a meteor, in an aging refrigerator). The best plot trick comes at film's end; suffice it to say that it's not the usual supervillainish finish..."

Director: Ivan Reitman
Don Payne
Release Date: Jul 21, 2006 (US); Aug 9 (France); Aug 11 (UK); Aug 17 (Argentina/Germany); Sep 20 (Belgium): Sep 28 (Netherlands)
Filming: 10.05.05 - 01.10.06

HANNAH: Anna Farris
VAUGHN: Rainn Wilson


A guy realizes that he's dating a needy, whiny superhero, and when he breaks up with her, she uses her powers to make his life hell.


Exclusive Preview Reader Screening Watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend For Free Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but even a scorned woman's fury pales in comparison to that of a superwoman. Matt (Luke Wilson) discovers this to his peril after breaking up with the needy Jenny (Uma Thurman) only to discover she's actually a superhero and not above using her abilities to get even. The preview screenings will take place at 6pm on 2 August at the Odeon venues below: Odeon cinemas: Bath, Birmingham, Bracknell, Brighton, Cardiff, Covent Garden, Derby, Edinburgh KP, Glasgow Quay, Greenwich, Hatfield, Hull, Kingston, Leeds/Bradford, Leicester, Liverpool City, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, norwich, Printworks (City Centre), Sheffield, Silverlink Newcastle, Southampton, Tauton, Whiteleys and Wrexhem. How To Get Your Free Tickets For details of how to get your hands on tickets, please visit and simply enter the code 78643.


This is from Ain't It Cool News who got to see a test screening of Super Ex:
"Mr. Izzard, who steals every scene he is in as Uma's arch nemesis. His character is really stupid but Izzard's delivery is impeccable and he works wonders with what he has. In fact, the biggest laugh I had the whole film was from a mug shot of Izzard. Brilliant. Technically, he is the villain. He hates Uma for dumping him so he wants to steal her powers using Luke's help." REVIEW

IGN has the first look at the poster for the upcoming Super Ex.

Wanda Sykes Is A "Super" Boss
Wanda Sykes and Rainn Wilson have joined the cast of the Uma Thurman-Luke Wilson comedy "Super Ex" reports Reuters. Sykes will play the boss of Luke Wilson's character, while Rainn Wilson will play the best friend.

Good news on the comedy front this morning – there's more casting news from what we hope will be Ivan Reitman's storming return to form, Super Ex.

You may remember that not so long ago we first brought this to your attention as a vehicle for Owen Wilson and Uma Thurman, about a guy who discovers his girlfriend is a superhero, dumps her for being too much of a control freak, and then suffers her super-woman scorned wrath, as she makes his life miserable in ways he never dreamed possible.

The new additions to the cast are Anna Faris (who you may remember from her recurring lead role in the Scary Movie series, and who will make an appearance in the upcoming Brokeback Mountain) – she's on love interest duties for Wilson (tough gig), while Eddie Izzard has landed the role of (presumably) mad Professor Bedlam.

Now we know that Ed doesn't have a terrific track record on the big screen, but we're willing to let him keep having a crack at an acting career, based on our simple theory that as a result of his 'Death Star Canteen' stand-up routine, he can do exactly whatever he wants. And after all, his work in both Ocean's Twelve and Five Children And It have been an improvement…

The other important element of the equation, of course, is Reitman. It's been a mighty long time since the lofty days of Ghostbusters, and he's really struggled with ill-fitting material ever since (although you can't accuse him of not taking risks, with the offbeat likes of Evolution matching creatively any of his early work. Pity about the jokes, though…). But we live in hope.

The project is expected to begin shooting in New York and Toronto this fall.

Simpsons writer Don Payne is penning the script which features Thurman's character as a superhero who falls for a regular guy (Wilson). He's got no issues with her superpowers, but just can't handle her neediness. And when he dumps her she uses her superpowers to make the man's life miserable.




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