The Cake or Death Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather as much information so I can provide you with the best fansite possible and basically make it a better site for your web surfing enjoyment. But I need your help! If you can take this short as specific as possible...the more information I have, the easier it is to implement your ideas. All of your opinions and suggestions (no matter how weird) will be carefully considered...and then tossed away. ha. Just kidding. So don't just sit there, take the survey!
1. How did you find this site?
Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, AOLSearch, etc.)
Link from Official Site Forum
Link from another site
2. How many times do you visit the Cake or Death Site?
A few times a week
Once a week
A few times a month
3. Do you have Cake or Death bookmarked?
4. If not, why not? [Only answer this question if you answered 'No' to the previous question]
"BOOKMARK THIS" link isn't easily accessible
I don't visit enough to bookmark it
5. What would your dream CoD fansite contain? Think big! Anything goes.
6. Click on the sections of CoD that you visit on a regular basis: (click all that apply)
Recent Updates
Groovy News
Film Sections
Media Listings
In Production
The Man (biography)
The Myth (articles)
Tour Archives
Photo Gallery
Shop Eddie
Fun Stuff (Downloads, Transcripts, Games, etc.)
The Treehouse
7. How would you rate the CoD site? [1-Crap; 5-Excellent]
 CrapCould be BetterGoodGreatExcellent
Navigation (ease of use)
Up to date information
Site design (graphics, readable text, etc.)
Fan participation (forums, feedback, submissions, etc.)
Easily accessible links to buy stuff
8. If you answered '2' or less in the previous question, how would you improve it?
9. Click on the items you have downloaded/used:
CoD Calendar
CoD Tip Jar
Shop Eddie
10. What would you like to see more of?
11. Any final comments/suggestions you'd like to make?




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