Unrepeatable (1994)

UNREPEATABLE is another extended collection of Izzard ruminations on familiar subjects; Jesus, pets, popular films, jump cut from one topic to the next, with imitations of James Mason and Sean Connery thrown in at random. His timing and stage presence is as strong as ever. One can even find his long detour into Star Trek territory, which might rate a jump on the fast- forward from any number of other comedians, amusing, though admittedly it does date from a time before Shatner became all postmodern about himself (Hard to believe that 1994 was actually that long ago, though it becomes pretty clear from the opening shots of people in big hair and sweaters filing in that it sure was). Like a lot of successful smart comedy from the nineties, it focuses more on pop culture than on politics, which helps it from seeming dated (one John Major bit aside). Visually heís a step away from the full transvestism of DRESS TO KILL or GLORIOUS, but way more dawdled up than his Live At The Ambassadors show of a year earlier. The bonus materials are a little thin, at least when compared to some dvdís out there, but one feature that I found particularily fabulous (which also exists on other Izzard dvdís) is an commentary track where you can listen to him critique his routine as it plays out with subtitles. Sort of a cubist acid trip experience, Eddie in and out of his own head. For those who REALLY love the man, itís sort of an bonus routine. and itís all weíve got until the eventual SEXIE dvd is released here on North American video in what I hope to be the near future Itís a sign that the cult of Eddie Izzard, the ďworldís most famous comic in a dressĒ (Time Out London). is currently maintaining full power that we see the re-release of this, only his second west end show dating from 1994. Fortunately it shows the man with as great a command of his talents as the rest of us American types came to know years later. -- Kevchino.com Review





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