Comedian Eddie Izzard stops off in city during Sport Relief challenge

whereintheworldIT’S not often you happen across an internationally-renowned comedian in a pub in Margam, getting his feet rubbed by an attractive young woman kneeling on the floor.

But earlier today Eddie Izzard was in the Twelve Knights getting just that kind of attention.

He was just passing through on his way to Swansea for the latest leg of his mammoth marathon for Sport Relief.

And it was somewhat of a homecoming, the comedian come movie star spent time living in Skewen during his younger days.

“It’s great to come back,” Mr Izzard told the Post today.

“It’s spurring me on at the moment — anywhere you have links with helps.

“People are honking their support more than ever — especially lorries as they go past.”

Mr Izzard is on day eight of an eight-week run which will see him run a marathon distance of between 25 and 30 miles a day, six days out of seven.

His mammoth challenge is called Eddie Iz Running, and it’s all in aid of Sport Relief, part of Comic Relief, to benefit young people in the UK and around the world.

It hasn’t been given the same high profile as Radio One DJ Chris Moyles’s Kilimanjaro climb had, nor Little Britain’s David Walliams’s Channel swim.

And Mr Izzard doesn’t even know what his running total of donations is.

“The amount of energy I need to do this means it is all I can concentrate on. As we go further, I hope it will build up exponentially.”

Mr Izzard isn’t known for his running, and, as one of Britain’s greatest comics, is not one of the regulars on the televised Comic Relief nights every two years.

But that’s to do with the type of funnyman he is.

He added: “I could never quite fit in with Comic Relief. I don’t do much TV, I do live shows, and TV comics can go on Comic Relief and do sketch shows but I can’t.

“But I’d already thought of doing something for it, either involving running or football actually, something big.”

Tonight Mr Izzard will be recovering from his 26.3 mile run to the middle of Swansea by indulging in a 10-degree ice bath for 15 minutes to ensure his legs are ready for action, as well as some sports massage on a large tendon in his leg which has been giving him problems — not to mention the blisters that are covering his feet.

Tomorrow he is due to leave Swansea and head to Pembrokeshire via Cefn Park, the road where he used to live in Skewen.

But despite posting pictures of where he is running on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Mr Izzard won’t be posting a picture of his old family home.

“It’s hugely emotional because that’s where Mum died. I’ve got a very complicated emotional relationship with it.”

His marathon effort is due to finish in around six weeks’ time, taking in Northern Ireland and Scotland before finishing in London’s Trafalgar Square.

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