COMEDY REVIEW: Eddie Izzard, Echo Arena Liverpool

[from Liverpool Daily Post]

IT’S a strange vision of history that Eddie Izzard evokes from his place on a stage set of fake stone walls inscribed with hieroglyphics, Arabic and Ancient Greek.

In a show that aims to cover “everything that happened in this world” he takes a helter skelter of a journey from the creation of the Earth to the time of Moses, not forgetting the boring but very long bit in the middle when there were no people.

Moses struggles with his Commandments (3. Thou shalt not brush your teeth with cream for your ears), Noah makes a mistake with his two by twos and only the tigers, lions and a single squirrel survive the Ark, and the Nazis invent Scrabble to be mean to children with dyslexia.

Izzard continues to demonstrate his ability for languages with sketches in Stone Age speak, pidgin Latin and even dinosaur. He swaps Hannibal’s elephants for ostriches, declares the Bayeux tapestry makers the photojournalists of the 11th century and tries to make God disappear in a puff of fuzzy logic.

It’s typical Izzard, with surreal tales, plenty of physical comedy and characters that all come together at the end – on the moon, with a giant squid.

It’s all new material, with a nod to the past – “covered in bees” anyone? – and he’s as energetic and likeable as ever.

The only drawback is that he’s now become so much of an institution that his comedy lacks the factor of surprise. We expect it to be ridiculous and brilliant all at the same time, and it doesn’t disappoint but nor does it really astound.

Still, given that he’s been doing the Stripped show on tour for a year now it’s impressive that it still feels so fresh. And you get the feeling that although he had the entire Echo Arena in his pocket, he would have been happy enough performing just for his own amusement.

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