Izzard: Riches film for Sam Jackson


Eddie Izzard has revealed he agreed to make a movie version of The Riches for Samuel L Jackson.
The British actor – who starred with Minnie Driver in the US TV drama about Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, two travellers who assume the identity of a well-off suburban couple after they are killed in a car crash – told how Jackson was desperate to see more of The Riches.

Eddie said: “I was in a lift with Samuel L Jackson and he was saying, ‘What’s going to happen to your [character’s] kids, are they going to be okay? So it was like, ‘Right, let’s do a f***ing film’ – we’re doing it for Samuel.”

The 47-year-old actor and comedian – who recently starred in BBC One’s Day Of The Triffids and ran 43 marathons in 51 days for charity this year – is also considering a future in politics, and is not about to take things easy.

He said: “I double check everything that anyone says; ‘Why are they saying that? Are they saying that because they’ve got a vested interest in this? No? They must just mean it. May be they’re crazy’.

“Sometimes I try and over complicate things. I just want to do good stuff where I can go, ‘I like that’.”

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